Lasting Memories and Forever Moments!

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Lasting Memories and Forever Moments!  

"I look at my life as if it were a board game" I have to start my journey and move forward, along the way, I am met with life's challenges.

I have obstacles and hurdles to overcome and I do so with perseverance and persistence.

"I push through" 

"I have to work, I have to eat, I have to drink, I have to sleep and I have to rest, it is very important that I do all of these things because each one of these things has a knock on effect on me". 

"I have to work to pay the bills, I have to eat, to keep my energy levels up and to provide my body with the fuel it needs. I have to drink, so as not to get dehydrated, I have to sleep to be able to function to the best of my ability and to stay focused and I have to rest and take time out for me so I can balance my self out and be in a constant state of flow, this is when I am at my best"!

Think about this!

From the moment we are born, we are faced with life's challenges. 

We have to learn to crawl, eat, speak etc..........

If we do not push through, we would still be crawling, but we manage to go from crawling to walking,

"How amazing is that?"

What an achievement!

I start my journey never knowing when my journey will end.

I live each day as if it's my last! (You will hear this as it is very popular when people have near-death experiences.)

"Every moment I spend with my family, friends and loved ones, I cherish with all of my heart"!

To see someone you deeply care about, struggling, hurting in pain, not being able to do anything but staying so positive and optimistic about their life, knowing that their end is near.

"Our loved ones are taken from us so suddenly, and we wish that we had spent more precious quality time together".


shoulda woulda coulda does not cut it!

The time has passed!

We all grieve in our own way

We take our life for granted!

These day's we spend so much of our time on social media or texting when we owe it to our selves and our loved ones, to be there in person or for them to at least hear our voice on the other end of the phone. 

It takes something so drastic to happen, for us to open our eyes, to all the suffering and pain in this world. 

When we know the end is near, only then do we cram our days full of activities, that we wish we had done, when we were able, but now we can't our quality of life has changed so drastically!

only then do we take a piece of paper and pen and begin to write to a bucket list, and challenge our selves to complete as much of our bucket list before it's too late!

"Don't wait for something to happen, to make changes in your life"!

The picture above is of two sisters on their own journey!

This wedding fair that we attended, over the weekend, is just one of the activities that we have crammed in, we happened to stumble across this whilst visiting Porchester Castle.

We all had an amazing time, and I took some photos of the two sisters spending lasting moments and Forever memories. 

Start your journey today!

Be There for one and other!

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Have a Superfantastic Day!

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