Leading A Balanced Life

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It's Friday afternoon. You and your spouse have the evening planned. It's been planned for a month and this is the one night you just can't miss. 

At four o'clock your boss gets a hold of you and asks you to work over time to get an expensive project done. He informs you you will probably be there til eight or nine that night getting this pulled together and it must be on his desk first thing tomorrow. He has a meeting at nine o'clock Saturday morning with an important client.

How are you going to lead a balanced life to make everyone happy?

How Do You Balance Your Decisions

We all have our lives centered around something. It may be our spouses, it could be money, work ethic, family, friends, pleasure or principled centered. And this is how we decide how we are going to live our lives. 

Going back to our scenario, the boss wants something important on his desk before 9:00 A.M. You've made a promise to your spouse a month ago and you are not about to break it. On the other hand, you may be passedd over for promotion or worse yet, lose the job entirely. How do you make all parties happy?

Spouse Centered Life

If you life is centered around your spouse, you are going to make her happy before the boss. So you tell the boss of the plans and leave him in the lurch. But left at that, you may be running on dangerous turf. You may not even have the job in a little whaie. You have her to feed and other bills to pay. You two can't make it on one check so the both of you have to work.

Would you call this responsible? If you are spouse centered, you may think so.

Money Centered

If you center your life on making money, you have a different scenerio. Money is more important than your spouse (which is not to say she isn't important to you). She may--or may not understand. But all you can think about is how you are going to spend the extra cash when it comes rolling in. You call home and explan what's going on and she might bravely say it's okay and leave it at that. 

Work Centered

Here, you're going to be more than happy to stay. You love work. You love the feeling of accomplishing your job. You've made a reputation of conquering major hurdles and the company shines due to your hard work. So, you stay and work as long as it takes to get the project done. 

Family Centered

You will go home to your family. The kids need to see you. Your spouse wants to be with you. And you love the feeling of being needed by your beloved ones. So, you leave the boss in the lurch like you did for your spouse.

Friend Centered

Perhaps you invited friends to the soiree. You've become the most dependable, reliable part of the gang. You can't let them down. You feel you have to come through for them.

The Principled Centered Decision

You pause after the boss asks the question. Lean back in your chair and take a breath. You let the importance of the call go through your head. You take a second or two to think about the promise you made to your wife. And you make up your mind.

"Boss," you say, "I know what this project means to you. I also know what my wife means to me. I can't make the both of you totally happy, but I can do this one thing. I will stay until 7-7:30 tonight. Then I'm going home to fulfill a promise I made to my wife a month ago. Then, I'll be back early in the morning to finish the project. This way, we both win and the company wins too."

What boss is going to argue with that? He got what he wanted, the couple got what they wanted. 

Want to win at living a good life? Live a principled centered life. It may take practice, but you'll get the habit of it. 

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This knowledge came from a book titled: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen R Covey.

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