Life and its nuances

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Life and its nuances

Life and its nuances, digital lifestyle, the choice I made, from then to now

I love life😀. I have always loved it as far as I can retrieve my memory and other than few bumps here and there, I consider myself very fortunate to have a blessed life🙏.

But sometimes I find myself complaining and bickering about those very things that I love. You know those little variations that comes along with the things you ❤️.

It's like I love life, hmm...not so much its nuances😜.

Does that makes sense? Can you relate?

The choice I made 

So I made a choice of being a stay at home mom.

It wasn't a quick decision. I took my time. I did it for the love of my kids, for raising them myself, and to enjoy seeing them grow little by little right in front of my eyes.

But there are days, when I find myself questioning why I chose to be stay at home mom😜. For that little while, I find myself wondering what in the world was I thinking! May be too many sleepless nights in a row, you never know lol.

Interesting thing is as soon as that so called phase is over, I completely find myself chuckling for thinking the way I did, and for beating myself up.

From then...

Yes, I had a stable full time job. I was independent. I was dressing up, had somewhere to go and come back to every single day. I was contributing on a level higher than just my household.

But at the same time, I hated that more than 3 hours commute everyday. Then rushing home to see my kids, to prepare dinner, making kids ready to go to bed, praying that I would have a decent night of sleep almost every night.

And all of a sudden I find myself feeling grateful for not having to do that anymore.

To now

If it wasn't for leaving my secure, stable job for my kids, I wouldn't have found my digital lifestyle that I am living and loving this very moment.

I work from home, in my own time. I am only answerable to myself. I have a phenomal support system in the awesome people I work with. I am learning and growing every day. And I absolutely love the freedom I have on daily basis.

Yes, there are days when it's challenging to find time with kids but that's given in any other kind of work that I would be doing otherwise.

Life and its nuances 

So I realize we only love the life exactly the way we want it to be. If life presents us with a little variation of what we like or better put prefer, then we tend to complain.

We love life but not so much its nuances😝.

We don't like surprises, we only like pleasant surprises.

Don't you agree? 

The minute something we didn't plan happens, we flip! 

But life is to be lived freely! Completely trusting the fact that it will always work out in the end. We don't need to know how, but that it will.

Can you even begin to imagine how much happier we would be for making this thinking a way of living our life?

I want to leave you with this thought to ponder. To be grateful for life and develop an appreciation for life and its nuances.

Feel free to share the article and spread more life, and more happiness around you:-)


Arsh Bajwa

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