Love my family time!

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So i’d been thinking for awhile weather or not to get a pet - a dog to be more spercific, so as a family we can get outdoor’s more, go for walks in the woods and parks nearby and enjoy each other’s company!

my boys have asked me afew times if we could have a dog, and I don’t know why maybe it was like a light bulb moment going off in my head, so myself and Stuart (my fiancé) decided to go for it, why wait really? I’ve always had the attitude if it feels right jump! 

We looked at afew adverts and found a perfect one not too far away. We got there and saw severn beautiful cockepoo puppies and our hearts melted! we choose a gorgeous black puppy with brown eyebrows and brown paws, only Severn weeks old.

So now we have to wait in anticipation and excitement for two whole weeks for her vaccinations, micro chip and registration to be complete.

were keeping it a secret at the moment from our two boys as the excitment would be overwhelming for them, too many questions like “when are we getting the dog Mom?” Like a hundred times! Similar to when going on holiday “are we nearly there yet?”.

so in our two week preparation I’m asking myself a lot of questions, how is this puppy going to change our lives? Will it turn out to be exactly how I imagined? More family time? You see having a puppy is a true commitment and so I feel this is going to be the start of something fantastic for us all, something to love and nurture and definitely more important than tv and the kids on thier tablets!  

True quality time together, time we can’t get back. This puppy will bond us all together in more ways than one! 


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so go for it... Jump!

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