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undefinedMy adult employment history began in 1980 when I joined Seafarer’s International Union as a Merchant Seaman.  I absolutely enjoyed working aboard ships.  I loved traveling to different countries and meeting different people, and learning about different cultures and mindsets. Unfortunately, ships were becoming automated and crew size shrank from a crew of 60 members to 28-30 crewmembers.  Also, outsourcing entered the picture, and it became cheaper for American shipping companies to hire foreign crews.  My seafaring career ended in 1985.

At this time my father had been working for McDonnell Douglass Aerospace company for over 20 years.  He informed me that McDonnell Douglass had won a huge contract and was having a mass hiring.  I was hired at McDonnell Douglass in 1986 at a wage of $12.50 per hour (Today's average wage).  Great job and good company.  Life was good for about 8 years.   

In 1989 or 1990 I witness the wakeup call.  As stated above my father was working for McDonnell Douglass and his wife (my step-mother) worked for AT&T.  Both had middle management jobs. Within one year they both were forced into early retirement because McDonnell Douglass and AT&T had moved the location for their positions.  They had a choice, my father could retain his job by moving from California to St. Louis, Missouri; and my step-mother could keep her job if she would move from Los Angeles, CA to Stockton, CA which is about 340 miles from our home.  Both my parents were within 2 years of full retirement.  They both opted for early retirement which meant they would not receive their full pension(s).

I saw the writing on the economic wall, and in 1989, while working at McDonnell Douglass, I studied and obtained a Real Estate license and began selling mortgage loans part-time.  Meanwhile, McDonnell Douglass began downsizing in 1992 and ultimately merged with Boeing Company in 1997.  The loss of jobs was staggering.  I relocated to Everett, Washington and obtained employment with Boeing Company until I was let go in 1999.

I gave a try at mortgage sales but I quickly found that the business was too unprincipled for me.  I believe that everyone is familiar with the real estate industry story.  If not watch the movies “Inside Job” and “The Big Short”.   Both movies give an in-depth understanding of the real estate industry from the 1990’s until the financial collapse in 2008.  In the late 90’s the internet was booming and the .com run was in full swing so I went back to school and obtained A+ and Network+ in Information Technology.  I received my certifications in 2001 from Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia.  I graduated at the collapse of the .com bubble.  No jobs available.

I pondered long and hard at what industry would be considered secure and would pay a salary that would be comparable to what I had become accustomed.  I had it!  The medical industry.  I went back to school to become an x-ray technician.  I finished my prerequisites with a 3.8 GPA only to find that I had to apply for and be accepted into a Radiologic Technology school.  Willing to relocate wherever necessary I investigated schools accredited by the American Association of Radiologic Technology to find that there was a 2-3 year waiting list for all schools in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

I contacted a school which informed me that if I moved to that city I would be accepted right away based on my GPA.  What they didn’t tell me was there were only 20 openings per session and a new session started every year.  I moved to that city and submitted 3 applications, but I was never accepted into the school.  It became clear to me that education wasn't a sure-fire answer to steady gainful employment.  This PBS broadcast published January 17, 2017, is confirmation that my belief is a truth.

This is when I knew beyond all doubt that the only way that I would be able to earn a good living and live the lifestyle that I once lived was to pursue entrepreneurship.  Based upon what I knew about the employment world, I had to find something that I could do online because it was obvious to me that our world has become digital and is becoming more digitized every day.

I started my very first online business in 2012 and I was successful.  There was a lot that I didn’t know but I built the web store and sold a few products.   Unfortunately for me, I discovered that the product(s) I was selling was illegal so I closed that business.  About 1 year later I was introduced to another online business.  This time I fared better than the first attempt, but I had no business aptitude or education and I made many mistakes.  Those mistakes caused me to run out of money to support my business, so once again the doors closed on my second online business.

I didn’t give up the idea that I can own and effectively operate an online business, so I kept pondering how to get back into the game.  One day I saw an email in my inbox and for no good reason, I opened that email which offered a free 7-Day video series.  I watched the videos and was impressed.  The man in the video mentioned that personal development was a part of learning to operate a business and his company offers an opportunity coupled with personal development curriculum along with mentorship.  The full-meal-deal.  Now I’m in full charge of my destiny.  I’m in the booming industry that is continually growing. This is my business, so control my work schedule and income, and I’m getting the training and mentorship that I need to be successful longterm.

Now I’m in full charge of my destiny.  I’m in the booming industry that is continually growing. This is my business, so control my work schedule and income, and I’m getting the training and mentorship that I need to be successful longterm.  I love working from home.  Most days I don’t feel as if I’m working, I’m having fun doing what I do.  I hope all that read my blog ask yourself: “Is my job secure?" and “Am I living the lifestyle that you desire to live?"  If your answer to either of these two questions is no, it might be time to explore new options and avenues.  The digital world is here to stay and eCommerce is increasing at warp-speed.  Form your own conclusions and follow your intuition.


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