Merry Holidays What Ever Your Holiday Is

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For me, it's Christmas Day. Just spent the day with my daughter and her husband. Jessica (my daughter) made a spectacular dinner and had lots of baked goodies all over the place within reach of any sugar craving I happened to have. This was the first time in six years I had the chance to spend the holidays with family. In my previous job I usually had to work on Decamber 25th. This year I wasn't about to miss out on my family and the love we share.

What Makes This Time of Year Special

The simple fact that we as families can get to gether and get along is something we can do any time of year. And we do, do that. Think Fourth of July. But during this celebration there is a warmth that goes with it. May be it's the egg nog, perhaps it's the gift exchanging, the games some of us play, or it could be something else. But it creates the warmest memories and strengthens the relationship between us as family and friends. The best childhood memories come from this time of year too. 

Who Could We Think About

Then there is some people who are alone on this day. If you are with someone, count that as a blessing. If you're alone, make it count by doing something special for someone else and do it in a way that they can't ever repay you. 

Pay for someone's check at Denny's or IHOP, purchase a gift card from a grocery store and slide it into someon'e door jamb, drop a gift off at a Marine's Toys For Tots box. Some malls are still having Joshua Trees with tags for gift ideas for children. Get one and buy that gift. These gifts you give, give you a feeling of love and joy.

Just because you are alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely. This holiday is not to think of ourselves. It is to think of others and what we can do for them. I guess that is what makes the idea of Santa Claus so exciting and assuring to children. Someone is thinking about them. Oh yeah, and they get gifts too. But the point is that a human being finds that some one else thought enough about them to give them a gift.

I Get It

I've spent many a holiday alone in foreign countries. My three kids half a world away. But that doen't mean that I was down about anything. I found something to do to celebrate the day. I was with friends or did something anonymous for some acquaintance. The secret is to take your mind off you. You have control over your mind and you can plant any idea into it to make your circumstances better.

Please keep this in mind; helping someone else is helping yourself. What we give will always come back to you in greater amounts. Just don't expect it to happen. In other words, if you give away five dollars, don't expect to have fifty dollars to come back to you. If you expect it, you'll never get it. Nobody owes you anything. Just give appreciation that someone was there that needed your help in some way. It's weird how the universe works and yet, it makes sense. 

So, Merry or Happy _______________________, (you fill in the blank) everyone! Hope you enjoyed your holiday in what ever way you celebrated it. I hope your spirits are high and your hearts and souls are full. And may your New Year be prosperous in your dreams coming true.

I may not know you, but, I appreciate you being here. What would this world do without you being here. And I appreciate you reading my blogs. From my heart to yours; Merry Christmas, regardless what faith or religion you follow. This is the wish that makes me feel good to give. Please take it as a gesture of goodwill.

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