Minds and Parachutes

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Minds And Parachutes 

Minds and Parachiutes, Minds are like parachutes. They only work when they are open, Our level of Awareness, My life and my experiences

I often imagine myself flying high in the sky and jumping out of the plane to experience the bare sky and that breezy air in it's most purest form. Of course I haven't done it but I promised myself I will one day. I also like the idea of being alive while doing all of this!

Absolutely cannot imagine it happening without a parachute. 

'Minds are like parachutes. They only work when they are open'.

I strongly believe the secret to keeping them both open is our level of 'awareness'. 

When we are sky high experiencing our life, there comes a point when that parachute of ours needs to open. And we need to be aware of the right time to open the parachute. If we miss that even by seconds it can jeopardize our landing. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, if we invest that time in learning how to land properly, it can make for our most cherished and memorable experience.

Our minds are the same. We can find life's greatest treasures when it's open. We can fly high on life. 

Our level of awareness...

When a baby is born, he's born with eyes, ears, mouth, tongue etc. As he gets older, he starts noticing and knowing about his body parts. He slowly becomes aware of what he can do with them. Until then his body parts are just there. He could have experienced the same things that he's experiencing now had he been aware off them when he was just born.

We all have gifts that we are born with. All we need to do is recognize the fact that we have them. Spend time in getting to know them and be confident about them so we can use them to our advantage.

It's like all of us have same currency to use, how we use that currency makes all the difference. Dollar is a dollar. It's worth the same no matter whose hands it lands up on. You could gamble or invest the same dollars on yourself. Choice is completely yours.

My life and My experiences...

When I look back at my life, I see how little awareness made all the difference. I chuckle when I think of things that I have accomplished so far that were my biggest nightmares at one point of time.

I remember being four years into our marriage and starting to have conversations with my hubby about growing our family. More than six months later, I found myself stressing about not being pregnant and thinking of all kind of scenarios in my head. Now eight years into the marriage, I am a mom to two wonderful kids with the third one on the way. 

Another biggie for me was when I had to make a choice between career and family. My biggest fear was to loose my independence. I had been working since my late teens and I was used to my financially independent lifestyle.

Fast forward to now, I found the courage to resign from my full time job a year ago, now raising my beautiful kids, and exploring and enjoying things that I love to do e.g writing. I feel like I have found the balance between my ambition and satisfaction and it feels great.

I am glad I finally sat down with myself last year and made some insightful decisions about my life. They have brought immense satisfaction to me as a mother and a wife. I have my days when handling my little kiddos gets a little much but it only lasts a while and it's back on track in no time.

I have slowly learned how my parachute works and I know I can open it when I need it. How about you?

Arsh Bajwa

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