Momma, Is Your Work and Family Life Balanced?

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My Breakdown in the Grocery Store (of All Places)

I still remember breaking down in the middle of the bakery at our local grocery store. My sweet little family and I had gone out for a quick family outing, and we figured sugar was a no brainer to make the evening even sweeter. As my little kiddos happily consumed their treats, my husband and I chatted about our week. He described his week, and I described mine. It was then that, for no reason I could immediately put words to, I was a red-faced, blurry-eyed mess.

In that moment, I realized that my life was out of balance - and I felt completely out of whack.

This realization had been in the works for quite some time, but I hadn’t been able to quite pinpoint why I wasn’t feeling as happy as I wanted to. I felt that I was missing something. And that something wasn’t a small something - it was a large something I needed to address if I wanted to be a truly happy individual.

I craved balance. I wanted to live a life where I was both there for my children during their sweet, impressionable, precious years. I also wanted to experience personal fulfillment and growth. This balance seemed impossible to me at the time, and I believe it had felt so for years, although I found the words that day in the middle of the grocery store to actually articulate what I was feeling.

I’ve talked to several women who feel the same as I do, and it’s made me realize that parents, and many times mommas in particular, have a hard time finding the middle of that spectrum - you know, where individual endeavor and raising healthy, happy children meet.

Mommas on Both Ends of the Spectrum
So here’s that question again: Momma, is your life balanced?

I’ve met mommas on both ends of the spectrum. There are the mommas who work the 9-5 grind. They work hard, and they enjoy their jobs, but when they drag themselves through the front door at the end of the day, they are exhausted and unable to do all they’d like with their cherished children. They yearn to be able to give more time, energy, and love to those little ones because they love them so much!

I’ve met other mommas who, like me, have been at home with their children. They love the time they get to spend playing dress-ups and making car noises as their Hot Wheels speed around the carpet. They enjoy the trips to the park and the water fights. However, they have a nagging feeling that they are missing that personal growth and achievement.

Where’s the balance in either of these scenarios? And why does it have to feel so dang unattainable?

Both mommas need a better alternative.

They need options that allow for an opportunity to move just a bit closer to the middle of that balance spectrum.

I knew it was essential that I find a way to find this balance between fulfillment and my children, but I just wasn’t sure where to find it.

A Laundry/Youtube Revelation of Sorts
As I stood by my bed, folding the thousandth load of laundry that week (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration...but only slight) I was listening to an inspirational speech on Youtube. (Again, a big fan of that growth factor.) I was caught up in my clothes-folding-frenzy and so, I listened to an ad that came on, which I was usually in the habit of skipping. But I’m so happy I didn’t this time.

The man in the ad talked about his online lifestyle. He was telling how he ran an online business that allowed for him to quit his 9-5 position and spend time traveling the world in freedom.

I ran over to the phone and watched the rest of the ad, figuring the clothes would still be there when I returned (Spoiler alert: They totally were. Bummer, I know.)

But back to my story. This business entrepreneur told about his opportunity to learn from two of the best men in the online business. It was from them that he learned how to achieve success that allowed for personal growth, fulfillment (ding, ding! Just down my alley!) and the opportunity to live life on his terms.

I needed to learn more.

I signed up for the free 7-day series he was offering, which explained just what these expert mentors offered, and I was absolutely curious as to how they could help me improve my current life imbalance. 

I found an incredible opportunity for a laptop lifestyle where I could truly grow and flourish. I found an amazing community that collaborates to increase each other's success. I found the ability to grow in many ways and build a more balanced life among my passions (personal and business) and family life I didn't know was possible.

For me, it's been the perfect fit. It’s been an absolute revelation to me.

I'm no longer living a "this" or "that" existence. I'm able to enjoy all aspects of my life because I don't feel that part of me is lying dormant, waiting for a better time. Because for me, that time was absolutely now.

I'm able to develop myself while raising the children I adore, and this allows me to enjoy every aspect of my life as it comes.

I’m truly passionate about this idea of balance for moms, and any parent who is devoted to life balance because I believe the children deserve it. And I believe the parent deserves it.

Could My Answer Be Yours Too? Come Check It Out. 
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