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Hello there!

Did you have a great weekend? Quality time with your family?

I certainly did! Amazing? YES! Exhausting? YES! Do I enjoy that it´s Monday? YES...!!

Is it ok to feel that way? Well, a few years ago Mondays were my worst day of the week. Spent like half of the Sunday worrying about Monday. A new working week at a job I didn´t like anymore. Today, I love Mondays since I love my studies and work. 

undefinedMy kids really like their school here in Gran Canaria and they go to school every morning with a smile on their faces. Kevin who is 3 years old, often wants to push his own baby stroller (GBPockit) on the way to school. When I pick him up at 3 o´clock he is tired and wants me to drive him instead.

This weekend was hectic! Even if you´re in paradise it will not stop children from fighting. I have 3 energetic boys and like most siblings they fight... My 11-year old also had 2 friends sleeping over. A water pipe in the community was broken on Saturday which made everything even harder.

I love my kids, their friends and to have them all in my little house. Now, I need a break though for a few days and so do my kids. In this age, computer and gaming is a huge part of their life. Sometimes it just gets too much. Therefore they can´t play on their computer, phones or Ipad until next weekend. Nor can they take home friends every day. I think we all need a quiet week and more sleep at night.

Since we live in Gran Canaria, Spain the weather is always nice and I want us all to spend more time together, doing outdoor activities. 

I love coffee and after a hectic weekend, there will be a lot of it today. :-)

So, I say bye for now and wishing you a fantastic week!

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer

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