My Cat Escaped At The AirPort!

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I'm now in my other home, in the Canary Island Gran Canaria.

We left a snowy and rainy Sweden behind. Glad that I could witness the first snow of the year. I love snow!!!


This time, like many others during the Winter, it disappeared fast when snowing transitioned into raining.

We had a lot of luggage although we already have plenty of things in our little house in Spain. We probably have too much but we are going to be away for such a long time, you want to be sure you're not missing anything. 

The cats knew something was about to happen. Animals can feel that kind of things. They are calm cats and flying with them have been a good experience every time. It's very stressful though, because you're just allowed to leave them at the special luggage section 45 minutes before take off.

We now have learned from our previous mistakes. Mattias and the kids have to go through the security first. They have to have the time to buy some taxfree, water, sandwiches and more while I stay with the cats. We often fly with Norwegian and every time most of the food they are supposed to serve are sold out. With 3 kids and almost a 6-hour flight, you have to be prepared.

My cat escaped at the airport

This time I asked David (8 yrs) if he could stay with me to help me with the cats. Only 2 cats are allowed in one cage, regardless size. That means I have to have 2 cages and they both have to be X-rayed without the cats inside. I have to take out the cats and hold them or put them in the small cage where it's really hard to fit them all. One time in the airport of Gran Canaria they actually even searched through one of the cats.

This time I thought I was smart. I put collars on each and had 2 leashes. David handled 2 cats with the leashes while I put the third cat in the small cage. When the big cage had been X-rayed I was just about to put the 2 cats inside when my worst nightmare happened. David screamed, "Lucas is free!". I then saw an empty collar at the leash. Somehow the collar had opened and Lucas was now under the X-ray machine.

Negative and scary thoughts came into my mind. How am I going to catch a very scared cat running around in an airport?! What if he goes outside? All the traffic!

I was sooo very lucky! My nightmare ended in a good way. After a while, the security man somehow got hold of Lucas and I could put him into the cage. Pju!

Finally, we left the cats and got through the security control just in time for boarding.

The Flight

I really hate flying! Take off is the worst. Add to it that I had/have a cold and hardly any voice.

My plan of buying some sandwiches at the airport was a good idea even this time. When the food cart reached our seat in the middle of the plane, all food and sandwiches were sold out! They could only serve drinks and snacks. I asked the steward why they never have enough food. Many people around me also wanted to buy and this was during dinner time. He answered they couldn't fit more food into the plane. I find that very strange... Maybe then it would be a good idea to get ride of some alcoholic beverages instead...

So we couldn't buy a proper meal to eat and we couldn't store our hand luggage in the overhead boxes either. If you are a family of 5 and each can bring 10 kilos, it's a good idea to be able to store at least some of the bags. We had to have all our hand luggage on the floor. Also, the wifi didn't work. 

It's always stressful arriving at our destination and to meet the cats. First, where do I pick them up? There are at least 2 different locations at Gran Canaria's airport and 3 in Stockholm, Sweden. Here's how they came this time...

Do you think it's acceptable?! I don't! There are live animals inside. Why do they have to come this way together with baby strollers, golf bags etc? The wheels were locked when I left the cage and the staff said it was ok to leave the wheels on. 

Driving home to our house the taxi driver drove like crazy! I could hear one cat throwing up of being carsick. I almost did myself.  

Although my complaints, I'm just glad we're alive! Imagine my happiness when we now are settled safe and sound in our paradise! So grateful for finally being here.

It's been a tough week. I have my business to run and education classes to attend to with live webinars. Then to pack everything, get the house done for renting out... We would never have put this together without my great parents who have been watching our kids a lot. From now on,  I´m only going to think positive thoughts! 

Since it's autumn break in Sweden this week, I have friends on holiday on the Island. There are 4 families who I will try to meet in 2 days before they go back. Also, all the luggage need to be unpacked. ;-)

I say so long for this week, sending you some sun and wish you a great weekend! 

All The Best!

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer

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