My Local Market In Gran Canaria

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Hi, how are you?

I'm doing fine except for some "problems" with my cats...

They go to their robot litter indoors but the other night I woke up of my cat laying next to me, smelling sooo bad! He had left a brown trace in the bed and in the house. He must have stepped in his own poop in the cat litter. Changing all the bed linen, shower, clean the floors and the worst thing, to bath the cat, are not my favourite things at 3 am. 1 1/2 hours later I went to bed again. I will unfortunately come back to this topic later in this post...

The local market

After leaving the kids at school, I went to Cafe Suecia, had breakfast, a chat with the wonderful staff and did some work. Then I went to the market.

Every Thursday there is a market in the shopping centre of San Agustin. I love markets and a local market is absolutely the best. Some people there recognise me from last Winter. Most of the things are handmade and that usually means you can order something specific. 

Like last Winter I ordered this lovely painting of my family. My husband got it for Christmas.


Today I wanted to buy earrings and a bracelet. Since I love pink, I wanted pink. I didn't find the perfect ones so he made me what I wanted. :-)


I also bought strawberries, bread, fruit and freshly squeezed mixed juice with cactus and a cd.



When I got home a horrible smell struck me at the door. Inside I could see a trace from the cat again. This time it was another cat (I have 3). I had to bath her as well! I can tell you, bathing a cat is not fun either for me or the cat...!

I don't know why this happened. The cats are fine! Maybe they just ate too many cacroaches. ;-)

Home based business 

Now I'm at home sitting in my sofa doing some marketing ads and write this blogpost while I listen to my new lovely cd. Grateful to be able to work and study from home or anywhere I choose and plan my days like I want to. Love this kind of freedom!

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All The Best!

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer

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