My Own Personal Path on the Digital Marketing Business

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My Own Personal Path on the Digital Marketing Online Business has been quite an adventure! This is my first post at Digital Bloggers and I must say that I am very nervous about it! Well, let's start from the beginning, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about my personal life, how do I get here, who am I, and why I am doing this. Well, I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, on April 21st, 1972, I am the second of three girls. My life, in general, was really a good one, I had almost everything that I wanted, like loving parents, great friends, I loved my school, and I also loved my job as an advertiser and copywriter, and also as an English Teacher at Middle and High School levels. When I was 26 I got married to the man that I thought was my partner in life, had two beautiful kids, one girl that is gonna be 15 on September, and one boy who has just turned 12. I thought I was happy, I had it all, family, job, two cats and a dog, but suddenly, I got sick, with a terrible disease called pemphigus vulgaris, is a rare chronic blistering skin disease and the most common form of pemphigus. It is classified as a type II hypersensitivity reaction in which antibodies are formed against desmosomes, components of the skin that function to keep certain layers of skin bound to each other. As desmosomes are attacked, the layers of skin separate and the clinical picture resembles a blister. These blisters are due to acatholysis, or breaking apart of intercellular connections through an autoantibody-mediated response. Over time the condition inevitably progresses without treatment: lesions increase in size and distribution throughout the body, behaving physiologically like a severe burn. Before the advent of modern treatments, mortality for the disease was close to 90%. Today, the mortality rate with treatment is between 5-15% due to the introduction of corticosteroids as primary treatment. Nevertheless, in 1998, pemphigus vulgaris was the fourth most common cause of death due to a skin disorder.

Anyway, the disease kept me on the bed for almost a year, under pretty bad conditions, a lot of pain in my mouth which make it almost impossible to eat (on those days I weight around 63 pounds only), and I was attacked by chronical insomnia due to all the medicines and drugs that I was forced to take. Well, as bad as it sounds, it wasn't that awful, because I chose to create a most better way of living for my kids and my still husband at that moment. I had the option of treating myself as a victim "Why me?" "What did I do wrong?" "I don't deserve this, why God?", or choosing to become a better person for me: "What do I have to learn from all this experience?" "Who wants Adriana Ruiz Flores to be from now on?". So I chose the second path, I start reading a lot during nights because I couldn't sleep anyway, I chose to put my best clothes and makeup to look "nice" when my kids arrived from school, or my husband from work. I started meditating at least 2 or 3 times a day. And I also started to get better and better every day. As the months and the years passed I tried to make more and more stuff, like cooking, picking up the kids from school, freelancing and copywriting, whatever kept me busy and healthier (mindset-because I couldn't really have a "normal" life so far). In the meanwhile, my husband was getting tired and angry about all the situation, but I didn't notice at all, I didn't want to see it, that's the truth, I was pretty much in love with the man who sticks to my bed when I was at the hospital, and well, I thought that he loved me back, but no, so on September 2014 he told me that he didn't love me anymore, and he left us. I got divorced in January 2015. And I found myself alone, with two kids, no alimony, no house because it's on a mortgage, and no health! Well, I have to say that I wasn't that sick anymore, and again I chose to straighten up my back and decide to move forward. If pemphigus did not kill me well the lack of love neither. So I started my search, the search of this new me, I closed the gap, I reset my mind and started all over again. And when I was ready, the Path found me and I started letting myself to be driven... 


One year ago, I started writing my first book: "Yo, Mujer. Quiero, Puedo. Merezco" that we can translate something like "Me, Woman. I want, I can, I deserve" and now you can buy it at in its Spanish Version, for now, I hope soon I will have the English Version as well. You can buy it as an ebook or printed version. This book turns out to be my scape, the breakout point for the new me. In it, I wrote about my life experience but also, how can we all see the bright side or the dark side of everything that we pass through. I talk about the Law of Attraction and the way the Universe is always taking care of us, no matter what. Publishing my book on April 7th, 2018, opened something in my mind, and in my soul, that leads me to The Six Figure Mentors. I have confessed that three years ago, I received the call, but I wasn't ready, so I just ignore it, I thought "this is nonsenses", "of course, this doesn't work", "There is no such thing as Money Making online" and all that thoughts that we are programmed to think since we got born. But now I am ready, I am a stay-home mom, an entrepreneur and a really, truly, beautiful, healthy woman who is reinventing herself and that she knows, for sure now, that she is not alone, not anymore, that she is surrounded by this amazing community that now she is part of. And now, she is taking her baby steps on the Digital Marketing Online Business. 


Let me finish this blog post saying this: No matter who were you before today, or where you come from if you are Mexican as me, or from another country. If you are sick or your health is great! It does not matter your financial situation if you are a stay-home mom, or you have a 9 to 5 job if you are married, with kids or not. If you are 25, or 46, or 72 years old, It doesn't matter.

What really matters, is where you want to be from now on, who do you want to become. How do you see yourself in 5 years from now? You have to believe in yourself. You must lose the fear. Life is amazing, it really is! Appreciate every second of it. Live every instant. Breath. Trust. Allow


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