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Hello there and welcome back. Today we just want to share a little bit about ourselves and tell you our story...


Andrew’s Story:

 I was born in Port Elizabeth and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. My early years were filled with plenty of outdoor time enjoying sport, beaches, and mountains. We lived by the beach and I was extremely privileged to have had a wonderful childhood enjoying the beauty of Cape Town.

I spent one year in the South African army before attending Stellenbosch University and completing a degree in Sports Science. It was 1996 and I left South Africa to tour Europe. Finally settling in England. I worked initially in the leisure industry as a gym/personal trainer and later as a senior manager. These were good opportunities to develop my people and management skills which are extremely important in life. 

After 4 years I joined a textile agency and worked as a part owner for 18 years. Traveling all over the UK selling fabrics for home interiors to major retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. I also spent a lot of time traveling to suppliers in Europe and India, forging new friendships and learning so much about people in this wonderfully diverse world we live in.

I am now on a new journey with my amazing wife Rojeanne. We have 5 kids between us from our previous marriages and we embrace our family life. We have decided that we want a life with more freedom to choose how we want to live. This is a life where we set the parameters of how, when and where we work. Breaking away from the traditional work model that society thrusts upon us. These changes are not easy but we are determined in our quest to achieve the results we want for us and our family.

We are now on our digital marketing journey and excited to help others find the true value in having a life where you can make your own choices. The internet has opened up a whole new world in terms of how we communicate and trade and it is this opportunity that will shape our futures.

We look forward to meeting you on this journey someday, preferably on a beach………….



Rojeanne's Story:

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I lived there for 44 years and recently moved to England, to settle with my husband.  We got married in August last year.  Our second marriage. Between us, we have 5 beautiful children whom we love dearly.  

With being a South African, you grow up being outdoors all the time and spending a lot of quality time with family.  Being sporty, having holidays on the beach and having family time, is part of our culture.  We love being sociable and having barbecues. Andrew and I have a great love for each other, our family and friends, traveling, eating amazing food, drinking great wine and living an active life.  

Through my life, I have been confronted with a lot of changes. Being young and newly married, I had to move to a farming community, after living in the city for 22 years. I settled down in a citrus valley. Here I lived for 17 years, raising my kids and building a business. Then after 17 years, I went through my divorce and moved to a beach town on the western coast near Cape Town. This was my home for 3 years while traveling back and forth between SA and the UK. Then after Andrew and I got married in August last year, I packed up all my belongings, put it in storage and moved to the UK with only a few suitcases. Leaving behind my grown-up children, my parents, family, and dear friends. Embracing the new in England, with its weather and culture. Making new friends, and starting a new life! 

Change is never easy and it challenges us to move out of our comfort zones. To stretch out to the unknown. To embark on the new. To begin again…

As Andrew and I are embarking on a fresh start, with our new lives and new business, we are scared but excited! We are both 45 years old and after living lives in a certain way regarding work, we are now living a lifestyle much different. We can work from anywhere, travel and spend quality time with our family and friends, all while our business is growing. 

May u too, take a leap of faith, embrace change and start anew!


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