Precious, Quality, Time

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Precious, Quality, Time

     How do you spend yours?

Looking at the image above reminds me of a modern-day Mary Poppins. " yes I love the movie" who wouldn't it's a great, fun, magical family movie, for the whole family to watch!

" No I am not about to jump through a painting, and land on the other side", where, life is so magical and fun, with talking animals, " although Youtube today features a lot of talking animals" 

I do not live in a huge house in Cherry Tree Lane, but I do spend half my time, cleaning them which takes up a lot of my time and energy

" No, I do not have a huge carpet bag, that I can pull everything out of, including tall standing lampshades, mirrors, and plants, although my friends, always ask me, what do I carry in my bag as it always seems so heavy! 

" Let's go fly a kite" do you remember this song? well, I'm not about to burst into song, or upload a video of my singing, although I would have loved to of sung, like Julie Andrews.

Well, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, what a mouth full, but such a wonderful song!

Well flying a kite with my nephew is precious time to me, it's the time we spend with our loved ones, that makes us value our lives. " yes materialistic things are great, but it's memories, that we take with us, " How many precious quality moments, are you taking with you? 

The day I flew this kite with my nephew, turned out to be the first day that his Mum had flown a kite in her life! That was so emotional, I will never forget that moment, that will stay with me forever


What are your most precious moments?

What do you do with your precious, quality time?

Is it taken away from you, with other chores and demands life throws at you?

Do you wish that you can provide a better future, for yourself and your loved ones?

Please leave a comment below, I would love to know what you do with your precious, quality time. 


My Poem

Every day in our lives we go through, hard times trouble and strife,

It seems that there are not enough hours in the day, for work rest and play.

Commuting nightmare every day, with traffic queues and train delays

You are stuck in a job, that you don't like, with a boss who always thinks they're right

why give your skills to someone else, so they can have a great big house

your time is so precious, and so is your life, so spread your wings and soar to new heights

believe in your self and you will see, that your dreams goals and visions, will come naturally

This type of work is only achieved, by hard work, dedication and doing the right things

With a positive mindset, a vision and a goal set,

you too could live the life of a jet set

but time is what is most priceless to me, to spend my precious, quality time, with my loved ones, friends, and family.

Thank you for taking the time, to read my blog

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Have a Superfantastic Day!









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