Projecting-Shift Blame and Guilt

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Projecting-Shift Blame and Guilt
Why does a narcissist go around telling others that you are a narcissist when they were the ones who exhibited that behavior?

They are trying to elicit a response from you. Mainly they want you to get angry, be angry. Then lash out and create a fuss, drama, chaos, etc. They even wouldn’t mind teams and trashing one another either.

For them its all quite amusing that they can still propagate your attention and that you are still willing to give them your precious time and energy.

Ultimately its so they can waste your time, render it, uselessly etc. So they can like the hare and tortoise story beat YOU, leave you behind while they know it is a fake smear campaign and are unaffected by it. On the other hand, you will be pretty upset and in your head reasoning ….really wasting your time. They are on their way in life enjoying, studying, traveling continuing [whatever they can do best].

And so they don’t mind if by saying a few words, and conjuring together to make a sentence that will mess you up, WHY NOT..

For them It makes life interesting so to speak, they feel special, in the process will get sympathy from others.

It’s easy, just put a few non-sensical words together and you have so much entertainment at your fingertips. Conjured up non sense. Using you for entertainment in front of others.

They will make you jealous, take your friends, stuff, ideas, anything. If you feel jealous then they are up to something and got to you.

So what should you do? Be kind or nothing.

Be civil or just ignore.

So become like the monks of Tibet, free-flowing, at ease, happy to be alive with all the good and bad, purified, balanced, no ego, no desires,….in other words boring for the narcissist. The key is to think ‘Do what you will, I am just happy to be alive with all the good and bad’.

Happy with all the good and bad

If there is no ego, no desire, there is no game.

A good way to go about this is, Be Kind or Nothing.

In Peace.

Shamila Khan --- Inspirational-Motivational Mentor
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