Relationship Creates Art

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                         We will dry out as humans when we feel we have everything but we have no social connection with the person we are communicating with then it means we are not serious. l would love to communicate and share this word Relationship and what it means.

We often say what we love and me as a mother l missed out alot of things l love and it does not matter when over 4000 days passed away, its stil possible to create that love. When we create something and keep working with that process, it will never dry out and that is why l am here.

You are part of that true love no matter where you are right now and no matter you have no penny in your pocket. Today we have cars and many century ago the most poor managed to travel outside to find his true success and l belive we can do that do no matter if it sound crazy or looks crazy. Taking risks gives more knowledge, l have taken my life risk to share this with you with no expectations.

 Relationship never starts with a smile and no eye touch, what do l mean by that? To learn to listen makes your life more understanding why you failed or why you got traped inside a relationship that you forgot to stop. No matter that people carry different interests or build equal or to controled relationships, no matter what relationship we create, break the that old same unstimulated circle and create a fresh new spirit that will protect your mind from negative thoughts. Something very interesting l learned from you dear teacher is, to do something you never done before in your life will create a new way of thinking and even that can cause alot of pain inside many lonely womens heart. We can create that self being by asking our selves why l am doing it.

l am doing it and l will do it to help you back because l belive that is possible no matter if you feel to tall or to big. No matter what you have or have nothing what you have is your mind, your soul and your great body who deserves to be happy and when you put the puzzles together there is no ending. You are that light that shines, never change your name, change from fear to long lasting love. Your relationship will never dry out.

Lales Celiker

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