10 ways to be a true Super Mum

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10 ways to be a true Super Mum

Most working mums feel like they have 2 jobs- one paid and one not. How do you juggle the demands of working and being a mum? And how do you do it well? I think many working mums put a lot of pressure on themselves to be a super mum. But what does this mean?

What does it mean to be a true super mum?

It doesn’t mean you can do everything on your own. It doesn’t mean you balance work and life like some super human being and it certainly doesn’t mean you never fail in your business life.

When I think about the word super mum I imagine someone trying to be all things to all people. This is not realistic though is it. 

What does the word super mean? To start with, synomyms for super are-

great, magnificent, marvelous, outstanding, sensational, superb, terrific, top notch cool, divine, keen, smashing, glorious, groovy, hot, incomparable, matchless, neat, peerless

It doesnt mean perfect so give yourselves a break. I think you need to do your best to looking after yourself so you can be the best you can be at whatever you want to do. Here are my 10 tips for being a true Super Mum.

1. Don't expect to be perfect- no one is

2. Eat well, drink water- are you getting plenty of fruit and vegetables? Are you drinking too much coffee and not enough water?

3. Do some exercise- just get moving

4. Meet up with friends regularly- even if it is just for drink

5. Have child free time- even if it is just one hour, make sure you are not interrupted.

6. Find a good babysitter so you can go out- test a couple out if you need to

7. Find an interest – this could be a hobby or a club like Toastmasters, a networking group, being on the committee for a charity, craft, gym etc

8. Enjoy simple pleasures – going to the park or playing in the garden with the kids, watching a movie at home or going out to the movies, going for a walk on your own, ice cream, coffee, listen to music, dance.... You don’t need to spend much to enjoy life.

9. Treat yourself every now and then- date night with your partner, massage, facial, movie with friends etc

10. Do work you love- if you are not doing what you love then make a plan to change it. Maybe consider working from home, changing your hours, changing your job....

As a working mum, I know how difficult it is to do all these things when you are busy. Even if you are not working in full time paid employment, parenting is full time. If you are finding you are not coping then you are probably trying to be perfect and not doing one of the 10 things on this list above.

Be a true super mum.

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