Take advantage of the digital economy

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   IT'S THAT TIME OF THE MONTH AGAIN!!! The bills are do and there's just enough money left over for you to keep living pay check to pay check. When I first entered the working class I had ambition, I was happy, I could do WHATEVER I WANTED!!! then as time goes by days to months, months to years I seemed to never make it past, "Well maybe next pay check, mabe next month."  I'm sure you know full well how I felt. I was at work one day thinking about life (my jobs not very interesting) and wandering, "When did the day come when my wife and I would argue and stress about bills being due?"

Take advantage of the digital economy

   So I began researching altrenative ways to make money. After a time of research I began noticing one thing that people were really talking about. Something that had never crossed my mind before, this was the DIGITAL ECONOMY! It made sense and it sparked my interest! A whole other economy that I wasn't even utilizing. Something that could be done from a home business that took a realistic approach and reasonable financing for a working man like me to start. One of the reasons I had never thought about starting a business was because of lack of finances. But the digital economy offered me this opportunity to be able to do one of the things I had always wanted to do; BE AN ENTREPRENEUR! Take advantage of the digital economy

   Its really weird when you think about it. When you ask most people if they like what they do for a living they usually say "not really, but it pays the bills." or "it's alright I guess". I was one of those people going through life barely making ends meet, not to mention all the hours of over time. Then if they took away the overtime you guessed it, absolutely no way of making ends meet now. Which made pay day miserable because, IT WAS GONE BEFORE I EVEN GOT IT!!! I had to do something, i'm not a very tech savy guy so that intimidated me a little, but if there is something I have learned over the years is that there are one of two ways to learn through, Mentors or Mistakes, and I definitely didn't have time for mistakes. Your already using the physical economy, SO WHY NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DIGITAL ECONOMY TOO?!   

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