Taught to be a Tree!

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Taught to be a Tree!

So, I have not quite nailed it with teaching something to anyone, however, I have really been inspired by my dear friend. This is her version of how she felt teaching her Nephew to be a tree.


Well, it’s a pretty great feeling to learn something new - whether it’s a new skill, bit of knowledge or even just a different understanding of something you already know.  To learn brings, amongst many other things, a sense of achievement, greater understanding, personal development, confidence. It’s not always an easy process, but the end result, the point at which you think “Okay, I’ve got it”, that feels pretty good.

So how does it feel to be the one to teach somebody else something new? Be part of creating that feeling and sense of achievement in another person? I can’t say I’ve experienced this much, I don’t see myself as a great teacher or someone who passes on knowledge very often, but there’s been a few times where I might have been part of the process in someone else’s learning, and I’d say that has to be one of the best feelings you can get.

One time that stands out in my mind is when I taught my nephew how to pose like a tree. I’d been going to yoga classes for quite a few months with my friend from work and found that the more I learned, the greater the benefits and the bigger the difference it was making in my life. My nephew wasn’t too fussed about any of these things of course, but he liked the idea that I stand like a tree every so often. He asked me to show him and I explained all the things I had learnt in class - how to relax in the pose, imagine yourself with tree roots, feel connected to the earth, enjoy the peace.     

I didn’t think he’s taken on too much of this, I was just happy to practise my moves with him and I enjoyed him asking me questions about them. But after a few weeks, he told me he has started going to yoga club at school and that he stands like a tree every week and that he finds it peaceful. I literally felt like I could burst! He has picked this up from ME, something that he enjoys and that he is benefitting from. It made sense to me why my yoga teacher was always talking about making a difference to people, spreading her knowledge, offering classes for free sometimes. It’s so important to be learning and to be passing on the benefits to others too.

It felt amazing when I learnt how to pose like a tree, but it feels even more amazing to watch Charlie do it.


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