The Black Sheep Of The Family

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Are you the odd one out in your family? Everyone looks the same and you are the odd one out?

Your looks and character are completely different to everyone else in the family.

When everyone sees red you see yellow and always dancing to your own music! Apparently you have been like that since birth!

Even at school all your friends say you are different to your sister!

If someone does not know you are sisters they will never assume you are even related.

They all very good looking and brilliant at school and you the only one struggling in class!

How did you deal with it growing up?


So there are 4 children in the family and there is one who just does not look like the rest of the other children!

Is this natures way of showing that even though the sperm and eggs are exactly the same, it does not guarantee the children will look the same!

undefinedThe character

As a parent you quickly pick up that the personality of the child is very different to the rest of your kids?

But your consolation is knowing you were faithful to your partner!

At some point you have even wondered if your child was switched at birth, it just does not add up why this child is so different!

You are now suddenly called for disciplinary meetings at school something you never experienced with all your other children.

The Doubt and fights

Your partner has secretly doubted that this child is his and has requested DNA test to be done. Which you are strongly opposed to doing! 

What are you telling the child? That you also not sure who the parents are? No it goes against all your beliefs and refuse to do it!

Then you find out they have done the DNA behind your back! You don't understand why anyone would doubt you as you know deep in your heart this child is yours!

The outside influence

The in-laws have made snide comments about the paternity of the child.

Your friends and family always comment that this child is a stepchild or was switched at birth! 

To a point where you as a mom have actually doubted yourself as well, even though you know the truth!!

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