The Christmas Joy, marmite and the UN

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Each year the Returned services association in New Zealand with headquarters of the New Zealand defense course turn over the Gym in September at their complex in Trentham to packing Christmas boxes for personnel deployed overseas.


Credit  NZDF

This Christmas there were personal in:

  1. Afghanistan 
  2. Antarctica
  3. Iraq 
  4. Middle East
  5. Sinai 
  6. South Korea
  7. South Sudan
  8. United Arab Emirates 

The boxes are packed with treats that have a distinct New Zealand flavor.


The boxes are shipped out by DHL to the above locations and arrive for Christmas.


This year one like many others had a soldier that I trained with on UN deployment.


While we think of conflict we think of Allepello this year the Sudan has death daily as the various factions fight over resources using religion as a cover.


As with all conflicts, innocent children are caught up in the fighting.


So the Christmas parcels arrive and Christmas eve has a bit of cheer.

undefined Credit Solider X

Christmas day is the same as any other out on patrol, except those treats end up in the hands of those children.


The solider learned that Children while grateful for sweets will not eat marmite!!!!!



Credit Solider X

So in this Holiday season take a moment from your day to remember that we are so lucky that we are alive and for those of us in New Zealand so lucky that we live in paradise!

I am thankful!

Happy New Year!


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