The defining moment

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Have you ever experienced real, lifechanging, to the point of no return positive change? I never had. Positive change yes, but not life changing. Not immensely inspiring, breathtaking, REAL.

It’s slow. But I know it’s there. I know the defining moment for me have taken place and I’m passed the point of no return. It’s wonderful, scary, inspiring and demanding. I know now what I have to do, and that it doesn’t come for free.

It all started with a Facebook ad. I never click on FB ads, but this time I did. Maybe it was the right time in life? Maybe it was because I did know the person who put the ad out there. It said «Work from anywhere in the world with only you laptop and an internet connection». It led to a video showing a friends cousin in his kitchen, with his kids, talking about the freedom and quality of life he experienced with the laptop lifestyle. I remember thinking something like - if he can do that, maybe it would be possible for me too!? So I signed up for the 7 day video series to learn more. I got hooked. The 7 day video series with Stuart Ross challenged me to start dreaming again. Something I had stopped doing a long time ago.

Up until now I have reached every goal I set for myself. I bought a farm with my sister Hestebente. I bought my first flat, and then my first new, beautiful house with a garden and a view. I have a job that I love (or that’s what I thought before I knew there was an alternative). This was dreams that society allowed me to have. All attainable for someone like me, privileged, born in the Nordics. It took planning, hard work and determination, but it was possible and nobody ever argued with that. But life stopped here. I’m still working 8-4, strapped in chains that I faintly discern the shapes of. Trading my years for the monthly salary.

When on holiday, or whenever I’m off work for more than 3 days, I start to feel that I would be completely fine with never going back to work again. I like to do stuff, getting things done, it’s not because I’m lazy, but there are so much more I would like to do in life than spending all my time and energy in the corporate world, fulfilling someone else´s dreams.

I didn’t think running my own business would be something for me. I didn’t think I had the necessary skills, and I also dreaded it because I have heard it takes such an immense amount of work it will drown you, and you might still not make enough money to support yourself and your family to a pleasant life. BUT after reading the stories, also from people I know, I have realized it’s a digital economy out there, waiting for anyone to claim a bite of the cake. And it doesn’t pay you for you hours, but for you value. Thus making it possible to work less, and still create a decent paycheck.

It’s time to start dreaming again, dreaming of freeing up the most valuable thing you have, your TIME.

Thanks for reading. 

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