The digital nomad life's not for me

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I don't wanna be a digital nomad, 

For me life is all about relationships, a game with the kids, a pint and a laugh with good friends down the pub, a shoulder to cry on, an encouraging voice through hard times. 

I love to travel, but I love to travel my my nearest and dearest, being a nomad inplies a life on your own, not settling down to enjoy the connections in life the make us tick. I wake up every single day and thanks all my blessing, perfect health, loving family, nice home, wealth etc... 

I like the baggage of the everyday stuff, rushing around after my kids, football here, basketbal ball there, to me it's part of the fruit of life and It's lovely now my job affords me the time to do all these things, I worked to get my online business where it is today and I love every minute helping others.

I teach people how to take the first steps to an online and yes get the digital nomad lifstyle to if that's your desire. Follow this link to get your free video course. 

Love and peace Andy 


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