The journey to financial freedom

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Where I am, where I want to be

The journey to financial freedom

   So, is financial freedom a fast track or a journey? I know many people would love to have more time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom. But we all live our lives day to day just thinking about it and being jealous of those who have money and time. We get so feed up with our current circumstances, then we think about our lives in retrospect and wander were did my life go wrong. I always imagined myself, personality, love life, finances, my house, my car all to be different when I reached this age in life. Every day I work hard and my life hardly ever changes. The journey to financial freedom

fast track?

   So many people think that when they start a new business that talks about time and financial freedom, that this could be my fast track to success. Or this is to good to be true, how could I possibly work less and make more this must be a scam or something. But if there is one thing I have learned in life its that working hard doesn’t necessarily mean your getting something done. As the old saying goes “work smarter NOT HARDER.” I always worked hard putting in long hours traveling away from home weeks at a time chasing money, of course I was working hard but I wasn’t getting a whole lot done. By the time it was all said and done (after years of doing this) I was still had no money, my children didn’t know me as much as I wanted them to and my marriage was in bad shape. I knew soothing had to change. I wanted to own my own business, make my own hours and not have a boss over me. This is when I decided to reskill myself from working in construction to online marketing. 

 The journeyThe journey to financial freedom

    The thing in witch I had to learn to enjoy. When I started reskilling I thought I’ll just put all my spare time in to it. I’ll work all day and come home and work so more and get this thing up and running. Well it sounded good in theory until I soon realized that my situation with my family was just getting worse, I spent little to no time with them at all, something had to change again. I was still making that mistake of thinking I had to work hard to make money. The anger and frustration that followed this life change was almost enough to make me want to give up. This is when I learned the difference between get stuff done vs working hard and my life changed.   

If your this person

  If your this person ready to enjoy the journey to success click the banner below and start your journey today. Stop working hard and start to get things done. If you do what you have always done, you will always get what you have. To be were you want in life, you have change what you do.

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