The Lamp

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50 years ago this lamp stood on a Railway Station Platform, Dalston in Cumbria, which was being refurbished, and it was destined for the scrap yard.

My Father who was, apart from war service, a railwayman all his life, decided it would make a good garden feature, so he procured it.

We lived in Station House Wigton at the time which is the next station to Dalston.

My father, my middle brother  Malcolm and  I, a mere teenager, got on the train for 1 stop, dug up the Lamp, waited for the return train, loaded it into the guard's van, with the help of the guard, a good friend of my fathers.

When we got the lamp home to Wigton there was much discussion about where it would live. My Mother had the last word.

The Lamp stayed there , pride of place in my fathers superb garden (I have never been able to get anywhere near his quality) , until unfortunately he died. Soon afterwards my mother decided to move back to the village we had all been brought up in, and close to the family run farm. There was no room in this new Garden for the Lamp. She could not leave it, as it had become so much a part of our family.

My brother Malcolm, who had helped rescue the Lamp, took it and it was in his garden. A number of years  later he moved back to Wigton, very close to Station House where we had once lived and the Lamp was resurrected again. 

Last year both my sister in law and my brother Malcolm died and their children, even though they would have loved to keep the Lamp in memory of their parents, had no room, so I said I would love to become the guardian of the Lamp.

It is strange how this Lamp has now been in the Gardens of the 3 people who rescued it!

The Lamp has not stagnated. It is now powered by Electricity, not oil as it was when we rescued it 50 years ago.

The moral, nothing is ever too old to change and even inanimate objects can carry a lifes theme. 

This Lamp will continue long past my time. I have instructed my family that they have to prepare a place for the Lamp when the time comes.

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