The most important things

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Our family is maybe the most important thing in life besides getting to be our own best friends. Recently I've come across several articles about work and family life, how we can combine these two with our best in mind for our children. Many articles are about the problems in kindergartens with large groups of kids on too few personnel and how small children at age one and a half years old isn't matured enough to be put in this situations. They need their parents to feel secure and to develop at a slow pace. 

I feel sad about how our society is supporting these stressful situations for families, the children only have one childhood and we owe them to have a good one without fighting for getting acknowledged among a big group, I think this creates unhealthy adults without self-esteem. As parents, we have the obligation to create a good foundation and to foster our own kids into good fellow human beings. Today it's not possible for many families to stay at home due to economic issues, there is so much left to be done for families all over the world. The answer is love and thankfully there are solutions for families to get to spend more time together with this digital era we're in.  

I am so happy to have the chance to be a stay at home mum for two years, and since our family is expanding and we will become four in June I work hard to be able to stay at home with my second child as well. I love to watch my kids grow and learn new skills and to find out more and more about life and themselves. The sheer joy in the eye of my son when he gets the meaning of a thing or manages a new skill is like winning the first price every time. 

I don't say it's easy, and things don't always turn out the way we've planned but overall I don't regret anything of all the crazy things we've done for the past two years. Now I'm getting ready to welcome a new life, I don't take anything for granted but I pray for the best for my baby and our family. 

Spend some time with your family today, nothing is certain and tomorrow might never come. 

Peace and love to you all!



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