The No so Colourful Side of Being an Entrepreneur

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The No so Colourful Side of Being an Entrepreneur

When it is not so colourful to be an Entrepreneur as...

It is not always about the ups.

When things keep going wrong...


I would love to say that when things go wrong I keep my cool and do all the nice little things that all the coaches and philosophers say to do. 


When things go wrong I should make lemonade with lemons...


When things go wrong I should learn and move on...


When things go wrong I should look at the positive side...


And I guess that being a fighter I eventually do.


However, it is not always that easy...


In particular when things keep going wrong and we start linking everything bad around us which just creates this vicious cycle or snowball of negativity that crushes us in the end.


For me, that moment started when my mother died and I couldn’t be there to say goodbye. Depression came and with that issues at home, at work.  Eventually being ‘displaced’ from a 10-year job and later on feeling so lost and alone that I felt like I couldn’t go any further.


Did I try to hide it? Absolutely, I had two babies during that time of feeling lost. Yet I kept going although small ‘signs’ kept crushing me. At the end of the day I was physically healthy, I had two beautiful children and was living where I always wanted. I was grateful for these, I was relying on these to keep me going.


You may be wondering why am I sharing such a personal struggle.  Entrepreneurs only speak about how many figures they sell, how people love them or how they live the most amazing life.


Well, I like transparency and I want to tell you that being an entrepreneur as a mum can be really hard as well. It can be lonely to work on your laptop. It can be stressful to keep going when your main client cancels your services.


The journey can and will have many lows yet here is where also there are three key things that can help and/or have helped me:


1.     Being obnoxiously stubborn about your dreams. If one way doesn’t work, try another and if not another one but I will make this happen.

2.     Having a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that are going or have gone through the same journey. A laptop Lifestyle gives the opportunity of connecting with more people that will keep pushing us.

3.    Always reminding myself why I do what I do, why I chose to leave a corporate (and more predictable) lifestyle. In my case, my children are my motivation and what I want them to learn from me.


I am convinced that I will be successful and I want others to learn from my experiences to hopefully make it easier for them (including my children).


What journey are you having as an entrepreneur?

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