The Omelet and Business

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Making an omelet is a simple meal that can please a family or you significant other!

It takes a simple plan with just the right amount of ingredients, cooked in the right way and then presented for consumption. So what are the ingredients?

  1.    An idea…. You have to have that first “ I am going to make an omelet”
  2.   Components…. A good frying pan, a bowl, a whisk cheese, tomatoes, bacon, eggs, milk, pepper, salt, chives and parsley
  3.    Timing…. Is this a special breakfast for your significant other or a full meal for the family with 3 or 4 servings? 
  4.    Effort and motivation……… You have to put a bit of love into it!

 You can put all this effort into making your omelet and fail because of factors such as;

  •       The amount of time in the pan and grilling in the oven
  •       Delivery is poor and the love does not shine thru
  •       Promotion the family is distracted by other activities such as cell-phones TV etc.


So what do you do? Perhaps a bit of research is in order!

1.       Do your family of significant other like omelets, what do they want in them?

2.       What is the family planning in the way of activities around omelet delivery time?

3.       Do you really know how to make one (google is your friend)?

4.       Write out the recipe and your plan!

Who would have thought there was this much required in just making a simple omelet!

You have heard of the 6 p’s right? Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

It’s the same in business!

Plan to succeed and succeed well!

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