The Secret Digital Disruption & How You Should Take Advantage Of It!

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Have you ever noticed that the people who make the most money, are the ones riding the current big wave of change at the time?  Steelworks, railways, construction, technology etc.  Doesn’t it make you wonder what the next wave is?

Well, to understand this, we need to look back to the 1980s! This is when the biggest change in our lifetime took; technology and the digital economy was born.  It didn’t really gain momentum until the 1990s when the internet accelerated this economy and technology became more affordable and mainstream.  It was in the 80s when the Industrial Age ended and the Information Age began, thus outdating our school systems (but that is another blog entirely) and changing our economies forever.

Do you remember the first time you used the internet?  I have to be honest, I thought it was a passing fad for years!  I didn’t get my first email address until 2000 as I just thought we would be onto the next big thing sooner or later!! How wrong I was!

There are well over 2 Billion people online these days, all day, every day, surfing, streaming, learning, buying and of course watching videos of cats!  You don’t have to look too far to see that the current money making wave is still technology.  The most valuable companies in the world are now virtual.  Google, Facebook, or Microsoft are worth billions, yet there is nothing tangible about them, it's all virtual!  It's mind melting!  WhatsApp sold for $15 Billion and that is nothing more than a messaging service! Madness!


While the normal economy has had its booms and busts every few years, (along with the big one in 2008 that you and I probably still remember all too well) the digital economy has been going from strength to strength.  It has been booming, and this is something we can all tap into!  These days 70% of people have some sort online income. 

The Upcoming Digital Disruption

A more worrying statistic though is that it is predicted by 2030, 2 Billion jobs (yes BILLION jobs) will have been replaced by Artificial Intelligence Bots.  If your job is analytical or repetitive, it is possible that it will be replaced by A.I.  It is very likely that you have already read articles written by bots, (not this one though, I am very much flesh and blood!).  A.I is already being used to track the financial market, trade stocks and commodities, write articles and do marketing.  I am not trying to scare monger, Skynet isn’t sending terminators for you… yet! I just want to make you aware that a change is coming, and that there is something you can do about it!  

How Can You Take Advantage of the Digital Boom

So how can you ride this next tide, take advantage of it and not be replaced?  Re-skill before this big disruption hits and capitalise on it!  Be part of the digital world with a clear working knowledge of how to use it and you wont be left behind!  Learn how to make the digital economy work for you and you will be ready before the change comes.  Step out of the roles that are likely to be replaced and into the upcoming digital world confidently.  You will be able to strike it right and make real money while others are left behind.

You don’t need your business to be worth billions or even millions, that is a little overwhelming when you start something fresh!  But oh boy wouldn’t it be nice! The thing to take on board here is that there are a lot of people making a lot of money on the internet already, and if harnessed correctly, it will become a large asset that can be leveraged globally. 

You may be only one skill away from a major breakthrough here!  These skills are easy to learn and can be applied quickly! 

A New Level Playing Field

Everyday-people can now become successful as entrepreneurs so much faster.  The digital economy has created a level playing field that we can all leverage to our own advantage.  Constraints which have held me back for years have all been lifted (being a woman in a male-dominated aviation industry, and recently becoming a mother I’m constrained by family commitments).  With my new business online, it doesn’t matter who I am, we all have something unique to bring to the table that will make us all successful, and here it can flourish. The barriers have been eliminated.

What Life Could You Create?

It is about taking your life experience and tools you already have (like a laptop and internet connection) and applying it in a digital world.  We as individuals already have the pieces, Stuart and Jay at the Six Figure Mentors then show us the pattern of how to put it all together to become Digital Entrepreneurs.

They will show you how you can start a simple and profitable online business starting from scratch. Once you have started to bring in your main income online, it kind of gets you thinking…what would your life look like if money was no longer a problem?  What would you be able to do more of?  What would you be able to do less of!? You can start to create a business and life which is closer to your principles and values, creating your best life! 

“But what if I fail?  Oh but my Darling, what if you fly?”

Eric Hansen

All sounds too good though right? But in these new digital times, new things are possible!  You can’t tell Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates that an online business doesn’t work! :D You can do it too, you just need the right skills, and these are learnable, I am proof of this! I only ever used to use my laptop for emailing, excel spreadsheets and buying online!  Now I have built my own website from scratch, am using all sorts of digital marketing platforms and SEO to get my message out there! I can't believe how far I have come in less than 6 months!

I found a proven system which allows everyday people to learn how to become Digital Entrepreneurs and build an online business from scratch.  It's a steep learning curve and a lot of work, (I am on the course myself) but the business package they provide smashes through the technological barriers that used stop a lot of people (including myself).  Anyone can learn this stuff, and it can be learned fast, but not overnight (no get rich quick solution here I’m afraid!).

This video series explains it all in more detail.  It explains what you can do to set yourself up for success and to get ahead of this digital disruption.  The hosts, Stuart and Jay, show you how you can learn a whole new skill set and capitalise on this upcoming digital disruption now. 

I’m just glad that they haven’t thought of how to replace Mums with A.I yet!  My main job is safe! :D

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