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Thrive - what does that mean?

The definition of thrive is to flourish and prosper, to grow and develop well.

Awesome! Great! Now what?  How do we thrive? What should we do?

Firstly, if you're not currently thriving in what you are doing then ask yourself why. Why am I not thriving and what can I do differently to make my life fuller, more prosperous and yes, to thrive.

Still stuck?  Here is a breakdown I got from an amzing woman First Lady Vanessa Long and I am happy to share it with you.


The above can be applied to your personal and professional life. If you plant a seed in good soil and nourish it, water it, feed it then it will flourish.  The same applies to us.  We were meant to thrive, flourish and prosper. Somewhere along the way we were told the opposite. We were told to settle for what we have. Do this, do that and be happy with where we are.  

I want to thrive. I want to prosper. I want to flourish. Do you?

I will thrive. I will be prosperous. I will flourish. Will you?

Start with something small, something that makes you a little bit uncomfortable but not so much that you talk yourself out of it before you even get there.  I don't know what that will be for you but you will know.  

Start today.

Start taking steps to improve your life, whether they are big or small.  Have hope and believe that things can change. Be resourceful and curious. Invest in yourself, learn something new, eat well, look after yourself. Venture out and do something that makes you uncomfortable, be a little bit crazy and do something that makes you smile. Be ever evolving, don't stay the same, keep evolving into a better you.

If you want things to change then you have to do things differently.

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