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Are you tired of being stuck in your day job and low income ? 

Would you like to have more time and money to spend with your family and friends? Doing things you love? 

Are you working so you pay for someone else to raise your toddler? Someone else to watch them walk their first steps. 

Do you want to pass on your legacy and beliefs to your children or is someone  else doing that because you have to go to work? 

The only way to accomplish that is to take charge and create your own business 

However there are problems with that 

How do you make the time ? How do you afford it ? What typs of business do you start? 

Do you have the knowledgs, business background and location  to start a start? 

How do you manage the risk? 

Now more than ever before it is easier to create a business and make money in your spare time and on a very low budget. 

By laveraging the power of affiliate marketing . 

Hi my name is Fatma 

I am just like a lot of parents out there wanting to provide the most opportunities for my children, I want to make sure they reach their potential in every aspect of life. But sometimes money is a big barrier other times I want to teach them values in life but I just can't spare the time for them because I am  either at work or at home preparing for tomorrow' s meeting or worrying about budgeting for the gas bill this winter as prices are shooting up. I might be present physically but brain is definitely not with them. I remember last year every morning my daughter begs me to stay with her at breakfast club until they go to class, but I could never , I had to drop my little boy at nursery and had to be at work by 9 am . I had enough of that , I feel I really miss my children although I spend 4- 5 hours with them everyday, but I was always busy preparing for the working day. Always busy but definately not fulfilled nor happy. I am a teacher don't get me wrong I love teaching . But I was working too much to yet still be living on a low income ( how much money could a teacher make ?  Not much ) this year I decided I am going to go part time and invest more time in educating myself and finding a new way to lavarage . I want to become free and spend quality time with my family doing the things we love most travelling and checking historical places. I don't want to be worried about money . I want to be relaxed about it. 

I joined the SFM, first it was all about the money and time freedom, but joining the community took me to a completely different level of dreaming , sometimes it scares me. By the way I am in no way shape or form a digital or tech genius. But the curriculum teaches you how to build and grow an online business from scratch. It is actually 1 to 1 coaching I am so glad I joined , so previliged to be part of a community that doesn't judge me and reassures me that I do have what it takes to succeed and make it work. No matter how little your knowledge of marketing or online business or using the web is . As long as you have a smart phone and an internet connection you are good to go. Yes only a smart phone . I know most online business talk about having to have a laptop but believe me a smart phone and internet connection will do. In addition you have to have the passion and guts and commitment to continue. Because you know what  You do have the time ( I have 4 children I am raising them by myself  ).

Now I attend breakfast club with my daughter and son from 8:15 till 9 am then get home and hold my phone and get to work. I have booked a grand tour around Europe for myself and family for the summer holidays. I cannot wait.

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