Wake up eager for the day

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I love mornings.

Mornings are when I feel closest to the real me!

New day, new beginning...

Every day brings with it new possibilities, new ideas, new way of thinking, and new awakenings. Although I've always been a morning person, i never had a set morning routine up until few months ago.

In practice of establishing a morning routine that works well for me, I have come to realization how important it is to start your day with an intention that you can aim to carry on for rest of the day. It gives you something to direct your energy at, something to focus on during the day while living your life one day at a time.

Now I wake up eager for the day on most days and I'm enjoying every single bit of it.

I would love to share with you, there might be something you like that you can adopt in your lifestyle.

Waking up eager for the day

  1. I like to start by reflecting on the day before and life in general and write the things I truly feel grateful for. Restful night of sleep is almost always on my list:-)
  2. Second thing I like to do is to write out my personal and professional goal. It gives me a sense of direction as to where my life is going and brings my focus right where I need it to be.
  3. Third thing I like to do is a paradigm shift exercise with my non dominant hand. This exercise is truly beneficial for keeping the right mindset and it helps in understanding how paradigms works and how we can change them into the ones that serves us well.
  4. Then I spend at least 10 minutes on doing some form of physical exercise. I usually go with a mix of sit ups and yoga. It really wakes me up!

All four activites take anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes max and I'm set for the day.

One more thing, I love doing in the mornings is to do some kind of meditation whenever I can. Not too long ago, I found out about amazing 'Abraham Hicks' on YouTube. Two of her guided meditations have really struck a chord with me.

Her morning meditation called 'Everything is always working out for me' is my regular companion while I drive my son to early yrs centre. And I love ending my day with her night time meditation. I'm usually out in deep sleep within 5 minutes of listening to it:-)

If you found some value please feel free to share it with your family and friends. Let's make our mornings beautiful and our life intentful.

To your success and happiness:-)

Arsh Bajwa

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