What A Difference A Decade Makes

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"What a difference a day makes....Twenty-four little hours..."  As much as I like the song by Dinah Washington, I recently reviewed some old photos for Facebook's 10 year challenged and realized that a decade can bring about so many changes in life.  I remember being a kid and thinking how uncool my mother was.  Now, I wake up everyday wondering if my child thinks the same of me.

Oh what a difference a decade makes! 10 years ago, I was in my late 20s, just recovering from the overly arrogant "fresh out-of-college syndrome", a curious bookworm, somewhat accomplished in my career and on the verge of marrying my high school sweetheart.  I remember getting cold feet during my engagement and escaping on a chic-getaway with my bridesmaid a few months before the wedding.  I recall being so scared that I would not be able to handle the responsibilities that came with having a family and even more petrified by the fact that I would need to say goodbye to freedom -- he probably felt the same way -- but specifically for me, it felt like my world was ending. Commitment felt like it might be a little bit of a damper on my adventurous spirit, and yet, like most women in their late twenties I succumbed to the biological calling of motherhood.  I am relieved that I survived.  Today, I am a transformed new-age momtrepreneur, yogini, (learning to be) dancer and passionate writer....oh yes indeed, what a difference a decade makes! 

Do you remember what dreams you had 10 years ago? Did they include buying a house? Finding a spouse? Having children or maybe buying a luxury car?  Or maybe, like me, you had forgotten all about your own dreams and were too busy chasing after the goals that society had imposed. 

Many of us get derailed on this miraculous journey of life. We are fed so many messages day-in and day-out from the media that surrounds us.  Having spent over a decade in the city of Hong Kong, I assure you that the amount of marketing that surrounds each person every day well exceeds what a healthy limit is (if there ever was a scientific limit).  It's often hard to recall who we really are and what we really want when people are everywhere, and these people are not shy to impose their desires on us.  Sometimes we think we want something, when in reality, it's not the material possession that we want... It's the feeling that we think we will get by having it.  That's when the fun begins! 

It's amazing how the Universe/God responds to our every desire when we truly ask for change in our lives.  Don't take my word for it.  Try it.  F-E-E-L with every ounce of your being the joy and exhileration you would have "if" you had something and see where it takes you. I once felt so gagged and bound that I was silently dying inside. I felt as if my very soul was decaying from the mundane, under-stimulating, unrewarding routine that I had worked so hard to establish. "Stability" they called it. Stable my aXX!  I was stressed from juggling the demands of work and a baby and desperately trying to find time for myself.  Luckily, I found my solace when I set foot in a dance studio a few years ago.  It took a lot of pursuading by an acquaintance to get me there.  I am a yogini at heart.  I felt as if I was betraying my yoga practice of many years by stepping on the dance floor.  Fortunately, the "science" of yoga and the "art" of dancing have help me find outward balance and inner peace.  I have grown exponentially as a person under the instruction of many great teachers and coaches both on and off the mat and dance floor, and I am so excited about waking up each morning in pursuit of further improvements.  Life is just too short to tread water.   



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