What do Satisfaction, Gratitude & Joy Have in Common?

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In the heart instead of the head

It's one thing to say we feel satisfied, grateful and/or joyful however to really, truly feel it is another thing altogether.

Today I had those feelings. Right in my heart.  And it does feel so good!

I've also had the words many times without the feeling. I've often noticed it and wondered why that is.

Saying "Thanks" doesn't always mean you feel it

We can become pretty automatic with our "thanks" to people. Have you noticed how often you might say thank you to the check out operator, a stranger who lets you pass through the door first, or your partner/child that hands you something you asked for? 

Is it a heart-felt thankyou? Can you feel the difference?

(It's also good to look at how much we demand our children to constantly say thank you after every little thing.... but, that, my friends, is another post!).

The main difference between head and heart

Sometimes, I can say I feel things because I really want to feel it or I think I should to 'be nice and polite' then it is simply words out of my mouth.  No actual feeling from within.

When I do feel satisfied, grateful and joyful I actually feel my heart is....well, kind of like it's opening I guess is how I'd explain it.  There's another feeling also, like a big smile coming from within.  

This is when humming naturally happens, or the genuine smile (when no-one is around), the spring in your step or a twinkle in your eyes.

So what did I do today?

I cleaned a lady's house. It's my new 'job' I've taken on, 2 days a week, in order to bring some income in for our family.  

I don't dislike house-cleaning.  I enjoy it more these days then I did 20 years ago, maybe even 10 years ago. However I sure never thought of doing it for paid work!

Something shifted inside me

As I arrived at the house I was in quite a neutral space.  Content but not exactly excited. I had a list of chores to be done, and started out vacuuming.

This is where it got me - right in the heart.  I was thinking of how I am being of service here, to this lovely, busy lady who needs my help.

I wanted her to come home to a lovely clean home (not that it was dirty or untidy to begin with!) after her busy day in the city with her business. 

Heart singing experience

My heart did start to open, and sing.  Not because I'm passionate about cleaning - I mean at home I do the basics, the 'must-do's' but I am certainly not obsessed!

My heart sang because of the gift I was giving. And the thing was, I didn't make myself. I believe it happend because I was in a place of gratitude. I was genuinely desiring to help.


The end result

At the end of 4 1/2 hours with only a 10 minute stop to have a cup of tea and a bite to eat, I had vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathroom, wiped down cupboards and the front door. Cleaned some windows, wiped down benches and tables, did 2 loads of washing, folded a mountain of clean washing and took the dog for a 10 minute run around.

I was feeling so satisfied. I was feeling so grateful. I was feeling joyful!

The gift of giving, of being of service truly must come from the heart.  When we feel resentful or annoyed or want to complain - even in the slightest bit - then we are not coming from the heart with a true gift of service. 

Can you feel this truth?

Have you truly had those days where you are so happy to give?  Not because you are getting something, or want something in return, but simply a desire to give. No conditions. 

This is a true heart based action.  It's really the only way to be giving a gift.

Why do I share this?

When starting your own business, it's not just about the income you want to receive. (Yes, we all need an income!)  

It's about how you can give from the heart.  Give without the need to get back. 

You will know the difference! You will automatically feel satisfaction, gratitude and joyful. 

This will make you more authentic - which reflects in your business, which affects those you are reaching out to.

Please share!

I'd love for you to let me know your experiences of heart-felt giving when you weren't expecting it.

Have you been able to come from this place when giving to others, or are you more resentful? Note: There is no judgement here.  It's simply for you to become aware of yourself and be open to making that shift within through personal development.

And if you like this post, and you'd like to share it, please do!  (From your heart only, of course!)

May you have a wholesome and happy life,

Tara x

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