What is living? are you really living or just skating by, being part of a paradox that we all were and most still are part of; “I will work and save now so I can enjoy%

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Ladies and gentlemen Good evening/morning/afternoon,

             I hope everyone is feeling amazing on this beautiful opportunity that is today. I know I am, I am grateful to still be kicking, breathing and walking. However, let me get to the point of this post today: Let me begin by asking you my readers a simple question I know that everyone is alive at the moment, reading and pulling this page, however how many of us here today are truly living?

            Living as in doing the things we want, the things we love, and when we decide to do them. Living as in responding to only yourself, having no real schedule unless you absolutely want to; living, being with the people you love. When was the last time you hold your sons and daughters and not worry about making the bills, about having enough time to finish a project for work? Why are we even permitting ourselves to be put such shackles in a world where everything is limitless if we use it right, and dare to ask for what we truly want?

           A very intelligent man once compared the human mind with fertile grounds like a farm; which is very true: you plant an idea positive or negative, depending on if you feed it, give what it needs to survive and develop, the seed will flourish. Now I am not saying that the idea will bloom immediately, but Most definitely.  Some might take years some might take weeks or months; all the wait of the time always depends on what you are planting. For example someone planting Tomatoes only has to wait around for 70 days, where as somebody that is planting a chinese bamboo tree will take years before seeing the first bud, and only after a few weeks of that bud, the tree will grow 25 feet high.

           In this world I know we all want to grow tomatoes, because we all want fast money and fast results mostly, but fast cash does not guarantee any satisfaction, and happiness, or any self growth. Everyone has a journey and only that journey can teach what you need for what you asking the universe for.

           Now let me say this, If you believe that the coasting along living a life that is limited by the views of others and society, a life away from risk, a life where you stay at the bottom of your mountain   where you are not willing to see what else you are hiding; one where you  stay safe and unexposed,  is what you want, than you do not have to do anything; you do not have to push yourself, you can just get up and go to work the next day. However If you feel that this life is incomplete, that you are not where you want to be, that you want to see your true heights, see how far you can climb on your mountain? Because only those willing to risk going too far can actually tell how far one can go. If you willing to move forward, and start a new chapter in your life, one where you would be excited to learn  something new each day you have to make a change in order for things to change.

           A month ago I started a program about teaching you the proper dealings of making money online and in person. I started the program with the thought that it would be a fast money opportunity, however this program changed my life: the way I think, or even the things I think about, the program makes me wanna improve myself and learn more as I go. To sign up is completely free, and you get a 7 day trial, where you meet my mentors and have them explain to you what they do, what we do. I am not saying do this and you will be rich, I am saying this is an opportunity to learn, improve yourself, and create a new lifestyle, one “I have to admit” I never believed possible until a few weeks ago. What will you do?

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