What Is The Fun Of An MX-5?

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What Is The Fun Of An MX-5?

Many people asked me: “what is the fun of owning and driving a Mazda MX-5?”. Let me start by giving you a little tour back in time.

It was around spring 2010 that I was talking to a good friend (who owns a grey MX-5 from 1998). He was telling about the club he joined and how they enjoy cruising the country with the top down. He told me that this would also be a lot of fun for me and that he was looking for a good co-pilot to read the road books. And he was right, we did have lots of fun!!

After about 3 years I was thinking to buy me my own MX-5. I talked about it with my wife to see what was possible but she told me I should wait until we had a little more savings.

A few months later my wife organized a surprise party for my 40th birthday with a lot of friends. Friends from the neighbourhood and from the MX-5 club. Not only did she organize a party, she also had a surprise gift for me. I had no clue what it could be. Well, look again at the photo on top of this blog, that’s mine :-)

When my spouse gave me the key to my “new” car (1992) I asked everybody who knew about this present. All guests in choir: I knew! All 60 of them. She had bought the car almost a year before my birthday and parked it in a garage of a friend. Far away from me so I could not see it before my birthday. You should have seen my face at that moment!!

The next day I was thinking about the weather in Belgium vs. my 1992 car. I really needed to build a garage to keep it dry and safe. Yes, safe: I live in a small forest and I don’t want any bumps and scratches on the car. More work, more time, less money but the car is glad to have a house to live in and I’m happy to have sort of a “man-cave”.


That day, my friend lost his co-pilot. I'm really crazy about my car! You never know how exciting it is to drive topless until you have tried it. You hear so much more, see so much more, feel so free without a roof over your head, it’s amazing.

I really advise you all to take a test drive and see what it does with your mind. The new MX-5 ND is also fantastic and not that expensive for a brand new car. But the NA (first model) has everything “analogue”, no airbag, no ABS, mine even does not have power steering. That’s the real feeling of driving!

(Photo: Mazda MX-5 NA 1.6L 1992)


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