What's stopping you?

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What's stopping you form doing the things you love?  The things you're passionate about?  The things that bring you joy?

Most of us will probably agree that it's that thing called life.  Life just gets in the way.  We all have bills to pay, oblligations to meet, a family to feed.  You know, all those things that make up our life.

But is that really what's stopping you or is that just a barrier that is there and you are quite comfy with that?

I'm going to challenge that and say that's not it at all.  Yes, we have bills to pay and families to feed but why should that stop us from doing the things we love?

Because that's what we've grown up to believe.  That's what we are taught, that you go to school, get an education, get a job, buy a house, get married, have children and that's it.  Once you've settled down with children there's very little room for much else.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying any of that is wrong because all of that is great, the house, the marriage the children, but just think for a minute.  If you could be doing anything you want, what would it be?  Would you still be in the job that you're currently in? Would you be living where you are and doing the things you are doing? Would you be satisfied with where you are?

I can guarantee that unless you are already living in your purpose then you will be wanting more. More passion, more joy, more fun, more purpose.

How do you do this?

Mindset.  Change your mindset.  Start believing in yourself and know that you are worth it.  Know that you truly deserve to have a life full of joy, excitement and passion.  Know that there is more out there just for you.  That's right, just for you.

And how do I know this?

Easy.  It's exactly what I did.  I started to believe in myself.  I changed my mindset and set out to see what was out there.

And what did I find?

A whole new world.  A world I didn't even know existed.  A world full of opportunities.

The Digital World.

I answered an advert one day (I had seen it before but ignored it) and was introduced to the world of online marketing with SFM.  I was blown away.  Not only was there huge potential that was out there but I started to learn instantly life changing strategies.  I took a risk.  I got uncomfortable and I dove on in.  My heart felt good, my instincts felt good, I felt good.

SFM is taking me to a whole new level and I am excited about the journey that I am now on.

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