What’s your end goal? – Part 1

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undefinedTwo years ago, I decided to move to the USA based on an opportunity my sister offered me. With her help, I began a new life here.

But I had no idea what I was about to face. 

Moving to another country there is something called “culture shock”. And boy, this thing hurts. For the first year, I would cry myself to sleep almost daily.

Even though I wanted to go back like crazy, I couldn’t. My country was (still is) going through a huge crisis. Companies are closing. The unemployment rate is sky rocking. Essential primary needs, like food, gas, medicine, healthcare is increasing considerably. So, every time I stopped and thought rationally, I knew it was best for me to hold on and keep going here in the US.

But my emotions were going ballistic.

On the first months, I didn’t know how to order food. I couldn’t understand everyone because of the language barrier. I didn’t know the social rules. I didn’t know how to drive a car, nor where to go. I felt like a little child, who everyone had to teach every little stupid thing.

As time went by, I started to pick up on my English and to understand what people were saying. And if that was supposed to make things easier, let me tell you, it did not.

I started listening to comments that would make me sad, angry, you name it. I realized I was overstaying my welcome. And the worst part, I didn’t feel I could defend myself. I was in constant fear of what could potentially happen to me.

If I complain I could be sent back, then all my hard work would have been for nothing. All the tears and the pain I felt would have been in vain. So, I endured. Thinking it was just another step of making me stronger.

And I was right.

However, enduring all of that led me to deep depression, panic attacks, low self-esteem and low self-worth. I searched for help and began therapy and medications. I then lived as a zombie. Not feeling anything due to the drugs I was taking.

I knew I had to change.

Anyone that I would meet would tell me that I should be proud of myself. That I needed to look at all my accomplishments in life. Take ownership of all I had grown in the past two years.

For example, every class I ever took in the USA my grade was “A”, never lower than that. Every college I applied for, I got accepted. And I chose to stay here in South Texas to pursue my MBA (Master of Business Administration) because here is the only place I can afford (barely).

My search for a better self, to get out of that emotional hole I was in, was intense.

  • I began meditating daily.
  • I did the “Power of You” course with Mel Robbins.
  • And every day I would look for self-improvement videos on YouTube.
  • I stopped using any kind of psychotropic medications and I was not seeing a psychologist anymore.

Life was starting to be great again.

But I was struggling with finances and time.

Working all day and studying at night doesn’t really give you much time for anything else in between. Plus, I had no idea how to get out of the rat-race.

I knew that there must be away. And I was just sick and tired of people telling me: “you have so much potential”. The potential for what? If I don’t even know how to get myself out of this rat-race.

I know that there are more to life than just:

  • growing up
  • going to school,
  • getting a job,
  • building a family and dying.

The only alternative I ever saw was building a business. But truly, I always saw myself as the backstage person. I wasn’t built to be the head of a company. And frankly, that is too much work as well, believe me, I have been there.

So, what to do?

Accept the fate of a rate-race life? Well, I decided to follow Napoleon Hill’s advice from his book “Think and Grow Rich”: Have a burning desire to change and dream every day.

When a person has no dream, they are slowly dying. What I can say is, the opportunities will present itself when you have a burning desire. Don’t worry with the “how” you are going to get there, worry with only the “why” do you want to get there.

This is what happened.

An opportunity presented itself through a video. On which, I discovered that there is a way out. And there are people out there willing to help me and you live our dreams. Achieve our goals.

And there is truly another way to live this wonderful life. Today I wake up and I go to work with an assurance that I am building something for my near future. I face the challenges my job brings with a different perspective. Now I have an end goal.

Do you have an end goal? Do you have a purpose in life?



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