Whats your road to retirement?

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Whats your road to Retirement?

My husband and I figured out 24 years ago that we would need 2,500,000. dollars to retire. This gave us $5000 a month for retirememt which we figured would be the amount we could live on for the rest of our lives. I'm glad we started trying to figure this out so long ago. 

First I had 3 jobs to start working on this plan. Then we realized we needed to work smarter. My husband kept working his "career" job and I kept seeing there had to be another way. There had to be a way we could spend our days together and not apart 9 hours a day 5 days a week. And my husband kept working, day in and day out. This model didn't make sense to me. I thought there has to be another way to earn a living, life, and love your days. Something in me couldnt except this traditional model of living. But my husband kept working. 

Ten years, two kids, a dog, 2 cars and 4 houses later a business found us. It gave me the hope I had been looking for. It also put me around like minded people that could help teach me the business skills that I needed. For 7 years I build my business and had hope I could brake thru this social norm of working 8-5, 5 days a week. I home schooled my children, creating curriculm by day and seeing clients, training and speaking by night. I was crazy passionate about everything I was doing.

Seven years later I still get residual income from the business I built but wonder why its not a bigger business? I did everything I was trained to do, had passion, belief and did income producing activity. And although, its impressive I'm still earning money for not working at all, now, it should have produced much more. Have you built something you thought would turn out differently?

I now think its because I lacked marketing skills needed to grow my business to the next level. Marketing skills weren't even in my realm of understanding and thus I missed learning how and why it was important to learn. So I'm going back to learn marketing skills. I'm learning digital marketing skills. Why is social media important? Why should we know how to use it and more importantly how can we serve and give back and not just dump on social media. We don't dump in real life so why has social media been a place to unload, as they say. I'm valueing this education as the missing link to using Social media properly and how to grow a business successfully. I look forward to offering solutions to those looking for the solutions I've found. I believe my husband & I  will retire comfortably! (...And our kids are thriving...dispite homeshooling as many think!) We did follow our own path and the journey has been well worth living. Don't be afraid to step out of the box. You wont regret living how you're called to live!


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