When Becoming A Mum Makes You A Square Peg In A Round Hole!

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Square Pegs

What frustrates me most is that, as soon as we choose to have a family, we instantly become a square peg in a round hole.  We have to look for part time work for mums and tend lower our career sights.  Without children, we work for the working system perfectly.  But with childen, the working system just doesn’t work for us, it just doesn’t seem to fit us any more! Isn't that just wrong?

The trouble with today’s economy is that a household simply must have 2 incomes to stay afloat.  However, the working paradigm doesn’t seem to fit a family!  However families are a must, otherwise there would be no future workforce!  Its a bit of a broken cycle isnt it?  look for part time work for mums

To work a normal 9-5 job, you need to leave at 7 or 8am, but school doesn’t start until 9, so you need to find somewhere for them to go until school starts, and then the school day isn’t as long as a work day so you need to be back before school kick out time, or use a child minder to pick them up from school.  This is expensive and it’s a long day for the kids as they get moved around from pillar to post.  Then to top it off you only see them for about an hour before they have to go to bed!  All this whilst hoping and praying the children don’t fall ill and need to stay at home to get better!

What is the point of it all!! It’s not what being a mother was meant to be about! It’s a huge amount of stress, heart ache and guilt for one Mummy!

Mind the gap

At the other end of the scale, there are so many times I see a Mum utterly dedicate herself to her children, staying at home to look after them all and live for them completely.  After the 3rd or 4th child goes to secondary school, she then looks to return to work, only to find that 10 or 20 years have zoomed past and she no longer has a clue how to work anything computer wise and feels unemployable!   You know these kinds of mums, they are the ones who haven’t even made it onto facebook yet!

The gap in her knowledge and technology has now become a canyon and her self-esteem then takes a kicking.  She feels useless, worthless, insecure and helpless; something no one should ever feel.  And it is all totally avoidable with some good online courses! 

You don’t have to go out and look for Part Time work yet!

Getting a job is so last century!  You can use the device you are reading this on right now, and use your mind to make the Laptop or Tablet work harder for you!  It is so much easier to work with our hands then our minds.  I so often see mums resort to menial jobs like gardening, part time receptionists, shelf stacking and craft making to just earn a little bit around the kids. There is nothing wrong with doing any of this of course, these are all roads I nearly went down myself (I even looked into basket weaving and willow sculpture, I very nearly became my own basket case on the inside and out!). 

I forced myself to look for more, I didn’t want to be limited.  As Henry ford said “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it”. 

Work Smarter not harder!

You are worth more, you can do more!! Don’t settle for less!  And it doesn’t necessarily mean you work harder, just smarter!   You might just not know all of your options yet!  It always seems easier to resort to easy tasks when you have a low opinion of yourself.  I felt that because I couldn’t do a full time job,  that I was not worth as much for some reason!

Re-skill and grow!

Don’t except less, just because you don’t know how to do something different yet!

Learn how to use your Laptop to sell more, even without having to buy or create any products or services!  Become an affiliate marketer like me and you can sell other people’s products and earn commissions for doing so, on a global scale from your living room! The Digital Economy is Booming!  Take advantage of this!


Become A Master Marketing Mummy!

“The more you learn, the more you earn” Frank Clark 

Learn how to Master Marketing and you will attract money where ever you put your skills to work. You will be able to Market anything to any one from anywhere and earn recurring commissions! And once you have these skills, no one can ever take them away from you.  Knowledge is power!  Invest in yourself and the money will flow back to you ten fold!

My top tip to learning online skills is to use a course like this who teach with live webinars every week.  The online world changes so often and fast that the educators need to stay on top of the changes themselves.  That way you will always be implementing up to the minute tactics and strategies.  Some courses can shoot video courses or write books, and then a platform will change online and out date the whole course after 6 months!

Put the Internet to work!

Become A Social Media Consultant

How many times have you been to a companys facebook page, only to find it is way out of date and just lame?  These small companies are too busy to have a social media presence and dont understand how to make it work for them.  they are just too busy cutting hair or balancing books to learnhow to do this, but you van do this for them! there are companies everywhere in your loccal area screaming out for help, even if it is very quietly!  They are easy to find and will pay you a monthly fee to keep their pages looking interactive, caring and a lot slicker!  Learn proper online marketing and you can help all sorts of companies from home!

Become an affiliate marketer.

And Affiliate What What?  

I know, I hadnt heard of this until a few months back either, but it has changed my whole world! Traditional advertising is not working for the big companies any more, how often do you skip through the adverts after pausing the TV these days.  I don’t see any adverts anymore on TV, and when I end up (God forbid) watching live TV and see adverts, I just don’t get them anymore!  Maybe I’m finally getting old! 

So more companies are turning to Affiliates to help them sell products, because as an affiliate marketer, you will talk your niche’s language!  Companies spend thousands if not millions on advertising, in the hope to get a buyer in, but if you can refer in a buyer who goes straight through and buys, then you are worth every penny of the commission they pay you! 

You can earn affiliate commissions on all sorts of products and services, from books and TVs on Amazon, to referring people to the AA membership! Master marketing and your possibilities are literally endless! You will be able to sell anything to any one, anywhere in the world, just from your laptop!   Imagine being able to go travelling for the whole school holiday while you still earn from your laptop!?  Get in a campervan and go!  All you need is an internet connection and your all set!


Write an ebook, put it on clickbank.com and put the other affiliate marketers to work selling your book!  A good eBook can earn thousands of dollars a month if its done right.  Once you have written a book, it can earn you passive income for years if it does well!

You may not think you are an expert in anything, but I bet you are, I am almost certain that you know things that someone would pay to learn. Were you an expert in your field before you left work to have children?  if not, you could research everything and become and expert in no time.  Does a family member have an illness (like recurring bronchitus or asthma) that you have helped them get over?  Could you put your remedies and experiences into a "how to guide"?  You would be surprised how well a great "How to guide" for a common affliction can earn.

Make yourself your priority, at the end of the day, you are all you’ve got!

Becoming a mother shifts all priorities and brings a new outlook on life, so enjoy the children while they are so, so small and ask yourself a few questions. 

  • What do you really want to do with your life from here?   
  • What kind of mum do you want your kids to see?  
  • What do you want to provide for them? 
  • Where do you want to take them in the world and experience together?  

look for part time work for mums

Become A Universal Key, Not A Square Peg!

I didnt know where to start, but i knew I needed to start taking charge of my own life and build an online business.  It was so overwhelming, I didnt know where to start, it was such a minefield of scams and useless information on the internet!  One day, I finally this video of who would soon become my mentor!  I signed up and havent looked back since!

Now, with their help, I am becoming a universal key which fits all locks and is opening so many doors.  Because of my mentors, who have helped me every step of the way, I am no longer a square peg and I am so grateful for that! 

You owe it to yourself to take this time to re-skill so that you can become a more savvy, mentally prepared and financially secure Mum.  Finally start the business you have been dreaming of!  With the right know-how you can make your own business flourish, or you can learn new technical computer skills and return to work a complete wiz kid on internet marketing and grow the company you work for!  I have really learnt a huge amount of valuable skills from my mentors here, they are helping me on my way to becoming financially free, while I can still put my children first. 

undefined My Mission is to help Mums make their own living from home, to empower and help them become strong, independent and financially secure women. 

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