Who's really for you? Know how to spot a wolf

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Who's really for you?  Are they really a wolf?  Friend or foe?

Throughout this journey called life we will encounter many people.  Invariably they will likely all have an opinion about what you are doing and how it should be done.  That's fine, everyone is entitled to an opinion but don't take on board everything that is spoken to you. 

Some people will have your best interests at heart and truly want to see you succeed.  Others however will want to destroy you and tear you down.  They will do anything they can to ensure that you never succeed in life.

Now you may think that it's easy to know the difference but this is not always the case.  We've all heard the story little red riding hood where the wolf dresses up and pretends to be the grandmother. Well there are people that do exactly that.  They dress like your friend, act like your friend, give advice and all that but their motives are not to help you succeed, they are the complete opposite. Their sole intention is to destroy you and stop you reaching your full potential.

This isn't always evident at the beginnning but there are ways of knowing if you are dealing with a wolf or someone that genuinely wants to see you succeed.

What is their fruit?

A good healthy tree will produce good fruit.  Likewise, an unhealthy tree will produce bad fruit. What does their fruit look llike?  Do they walk the talk or are they just talk and nothing more?

Who is their influence?

Bad company corrupts good character.  Who are they hanging around and being influenced by?

Discernment or intuition.

If you have a gut feeling that this person is not for you then you are probably right.  We all have an inner gadge that will send us warning bells.  The more in tune with it you are the more you will learn to trust those gut instincts.

It's not always easy to spot a wolf but once you are awake to the tell tale signs it becomes easier. You will spend less time on someone who's motives are against you and more time with positive people that truly want to see you succeed.

Do not be swayed by the fancy clothes, big house and flash cars.  These are just material things and the side effect of hard work and wolves will have these as well. Someone who is truly for you will have gems that are worth much more than gold and shine much brighter than diamonds. They will impart these gems into your life to help you succeed and so you too can one day do the same for someone else.  Someone who is truly for you will never be envious of your success and will want and expect you to exceed anything that they have done.  They will celebrate your successes with you.

A wolf on the other hand will pretend to be happy for you but then set about to destroy you.  A wolf will sell you out to the highest bidder and say it's just business.  A wolf will pretend to celebrate your success while being envious of how well you have done.  A wolf will tell you it can't be done.

Sift out the wolves and embrace the genuine ones that will be there through the thick and the thin.  

Everybody needs at least one person in their life that speaks prosperity, wealth, health and positivity into it.  When you find that person, soak up what they have to say like a sponge and then do the same for someone else.  The gems that person gives you are meant to be shared.

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There are good people out there that are truly for you and your success, it's just a matter of knowing who that is.  Knowing who is a wolf and who isn't.

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