why i joined six figger mentors

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Why I started with  SFM

Like many of you reading this I was looking for more freedom in my life

Time freedom

Location freedom

& financial freedom

I know there had to be a better way to make an income than working for a boss, & hearing how much profit they had received for the year.

I work as nurse, so the pay is good, but working long hours & shift work not so good!

And having to ask a boss for time off is like pulling teeth out right … its painful & expensive.

I found myself so burned out on my days of (when I got them) I didn’t have the energy to enjoy life or peruse my passions or even have energy to enjoy my family time.



So I started searching the net …

as I had seen so many adds about laptop lifestyles, they cant all be wrong was going through my head… but I wasn’t convinced as I’m no computer wiz in fact I was computer useless

Only knowing a bit about face book & emails.

I had attempted to become a blogger a few months earlier after watching many you tube lessons on how to make a blog, but I failed miserably.



My next attempt at making money on line was with Bitcoins … I thought this will do it … iv found my golden goose.

I was so convinced I even bought into a program that had MLM marketing, thinking I can do this I know how to sell right … can’t be that hard.

Well I finish on that bit with just saying I lost a lot of money. but I also learned a lot mostly what NOT to do.

But not being one to give up I kept looking & one day an advert popped onto my Facebook page with a guy telling me how he had found a way to upskill him self after suffering from work fatigue and having to quite his job, but still needing an income he had also looked towards the future way of earning, with an online business, he offered on his advert for me to follow his link (the one that’s at the bottom of this blog)& meet the company he had joined & his mentors.



So, I took a look

Being skeptical at first after all I had been burned once.


I started to watch the introduction videos, but after only one I new this was exactly what I was looking for

My GUT INSTINCT took over & I said to myself JUST DO IT!

& I committed myself to the online training program & pressed the SIGN ME UP button.



Within one month I had upgraded again ….

With the SFM company there are endless opportunities of what to do and how to do it in a digital world

Teaching you every aspect of an online life, which you can then choose what direction is best for you,

There is so much training within the system I won’t go into details today as the most important part well for me is the mindset training.

We are given help & training & zoom calls on how & why it is so important to get into the right mindset to build your online business

And then on top of all this training & mindset we get one thing


Stewart & Jay the owners new there is one key fact in success

No one rule

Surround your self with like minded people


And they even provided that we all grow together as a community help each other & become



So if this sounds even a little bit like what you are wanting

Upskilling your self so that you can start living your dreams

Press the link at the bottom of my page and meet my mentors

Stewart & Jay

And turn your life into lifestyle & freedom



this is my Freedom


How to make your first 10K online!

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