Why Pain and Suffering

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Human being experience two kinds of sufferings, physical and psychological. There are multiple motives that cause any of these sufferings. We know that people go under serious illnesses, experience accidents etc which can cause tremendous physical pain in the body. While some other times we suffer psychologically. When something happens that we don’t want to happen; that make us suffer mentally. Why we suffer, is suffering good or bad for us, can we never suffer again, is there any end to our sufferings. We will try to dig deeper to better understand and answer these questions in this article.


Pain is a physical thing. It is initiated from our bodies. If we really pay some attention to this, we will understand that it is a very good thing. Basically, it is an alarming signal to us from our body parts, telling us that there is something going wrong there. We react to this signal and make arrangements to fix the problem. So physical pain is not only beneficial but a necessity for our survival. Just imagine if there was no pain in the body, we would be living much worse lives.  We would not know even if someone would chop our arms or leg.

People get serious ailments. Well in the nature there are number of living organisms. They are all trying to live and survive just like us. We get attacked by them. But thanks to this painful ‘pain’, which force us to take action. If it was not there we would have very short lives, may be people wouldn’t go after treatments and possibly we would have been extinct long ago.

Psychological Suffering:

This can happen either from physical pain or just by a situation that you don’t want. It is not wrong to say that it is exaggeration of our mind to a certain situation. Our mind magnifies something which doesn’t even exist. You can suffer for days over a small argument that you had with partner. Our mind brings it back over and over again and every time it multiplies. People suffer years and years over a sentence that either someone or they themselves had said to somebody. We suffer our past and even we suffer our future which has not happened yet. We live either in past which is gone already or in the future which has not become a reality yet and ultimately this put us in a situation that we suffer our present. We don’t need to suffer present. Present is in our hands. We can make it the way we want. We have choice; either to be joyful or miserable. If we act consciously on these certain situations in our lives, there will be no more suffering. Even in the worst scenario, we stop and hold ourselves for a moment and just observe the situation from outside and don’t just give a reaction but take a solid conscious action to handle the situation, there will be no suffering and you will do only what is needed to be done.

Although, all the aspect of this vast topic has not been discussed in this article but I would love to read your views about this to expand and discover untouched corners.

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