Why Vision Boards Work!

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Why Do Vision Boards Work?

How Is The Law Of Attraction Involved?

Do you like to daydream?

I know I do! I love it! I have spent many hours daydreaming while I was meant to be working, while I was meant to be studying, while I was doing a lot of things that I didn't want to do!

Vision Boards are just a physical representation of your daydreams. And they are very powerful....so powerful that the Law Of Attraction starts working at the same time as you are creating your vision board.

Think back to a time when you would be sitting in a classroom or at your workplace or on a outing somewhere and you start daydreaming. It feels amazing doesn't it? You just allow your thoughts the freedom to explore all the experiences and feelings and you are floating along with these feelings. Allow your thoughts to flow into your experience and enjoy the process.

It is the same when you are creating a Vision Board. You are finding the pictures that represent the feelings of what you want to manifest in your life. At that very point in time, the Law of Attraction is set in motion to deliver these experiences to you. So make it as peaceful, as joyful, as loving, as exciting, as pleasurable, as delightful, as adventurous, as expansive and as  ......  (you fill in the blank!) as you possibly can.

This can also be called visualisation....a very powerful process we do many, many times a day, without even thinking about it. And visualisation interacts with The Law Of Attraction in a very powerful and masterful way.

There are no rules in creating a Vision Board...you do it your way! Really the only thing to be careful about is having a clear understanding of what you want. What it is you want to manifest and attach an emotion to the manifestation.

Try stepping into the picture you have in your mind and feel what it is like in that moment. Look around you. What you are seeing, what are you smelling, what do you hear? Get all your senses involved. See, taste, touch, hear and smell everything around you.

Now go and create your Vision Board and make it something special....collect your favourite pictures, quotes, symbols. All the physical representations of your dreams and desires and put them together on your Vision Board.

You can also create Virtual Vision Boards. Here are some resources....

  • Dream Cloud App (It will cost $4.99 to purchase)
  • Pinterest (A great resource for creating a Virtual Vision Board)
  • Mind Movies (A video platform where you can create clips to inspire you)
  • Dreamboard (Create a free account)
  • Happy Tapper Vision Board App
  • Corkulous

There is no excuse now! You can choose whichever way suits you best to create your own amazing Vision Board and allow the Law Of Attraction to manifest all your dreams into reality.

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