Workaway France 2011 Part 1

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Workaway France 2011

Workaway France 2011, this was such a Superfantastic experience for both my partner, Karl and I. We highly recommend it! This is the photo I took from the view of Michelle and RC'S place in Cautirac France when it snowed.


Workaway is a great way to explore the world, to help others and learn about different countries, languages and cultures in exchange for your food and accommodation. If you love to travel, meet people, learn new skills then this is for you! 

Every workaway experience is different.

In December 2011, My partner Karl and I decided to go to France for a workaway experience, for the Winter season. We had such a fantastic time, that we stayed for two and half years. 

We choose to do workaway, to be able to spend time together, you are probably thinking why workaway to spend time together.


Life in the UK was not great, In Spring of 2011, I was signed off work with a slipped disc and vertigo for four months, It was awful, I had pins and needles through my neck, down the left arm and hand and to top it off I had BPPV ( Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo ) which was nasty. I was really annoyed because, at the time, I was working for PVS Associates, on behalf of Coca-Cola promoting Relentless and Monster energy drinks and I got to go to the music festivals to work, which was great!

That's another story!

After my health was sorted I started working again, this time I got back into promotional work again. You see I have been working as a promotional person, since 2003, it's great because I can work it around my other work! 

I also mentioned that we went to workaway in France to spend more time together, You see my partner was working for an air ballooning company, and he would leave for work at 4:30am to collect the rig and get to the site, in time for the guests arriving. He would do this once in the morning and once in the evening, and he would not get back until really late! I too would leave ridiculously early to get the bus and train to the promotional campaigns having to rely on public transport was a nightmare!

We hardly saw each other

So it's 9th December 2011 Karl and I are so excited to be going to France for a workaway, that we actually turned up at the ferry port a day early. The funny thing is when we left my sisters, we jokingly said, we will probably be back soon. so after a nights sleep and a whole day waiting, we finally left my sisters and drove to the ferry port again. When we got there the sea looked rough, I turned to Karl and said "I hope they are not going to cancel the ferry" he said "that would be just our luck" but it was fine, we boarded the ferry, on time and the crossing wasn't too bad. 

We finally arrived in France! 

We were nervous and excited, we had no idea what to expect, so we went with a completely open mind. 

Before we went to Cautirac for workaway, we went to Marciac and stayed with a lovely couple called Jane and Marek. They made us feel very welcome. Whilst we were there, we helped with an old barn conversion, that was really interesting!

We both learnt some new skills and had a Superfantastic time!

Working on the barn conversion

Working on the barn conversion was awesome, its the first time we have ever done anything like this and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We highly recommend helping out on projects like these.


I will continue this story in workaway part 2

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