Workaway France 2011 - Part 2

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Workaway 2011, Part 2

Marciac Continues

Jane and Marek are a lovely couple, Jane is an amazing cook, we got to try lots of different tasty dishes, Jane also showed us how to make a delicious salad dressing which we still make today. Jane speaks fluent French which is very handy when you are learning French, as it is completely different to what we are taught at school being immersed in the culture really helps when learning a language in any country.

Marek is an excellent craftsman, the picture I have taken above is of the two bedroom treehouse Marek built, it has everything, you could possibly need including a washing machine. It has been beautifully crafted inside and out, very rustic looking! 


Marek has handcrafted lots of different beautiful and unique wooden items, but my favourite has to be this!


Wow, I hear you say, this beautifully handcrafted chair reminds me of a stag. 

So you can see how we were inspired by Marek to want to make things out of wood, it's amazing what you can create when you use your, imagination.

We really are passionate about this and really love what we do!


Things to do

So I hear you say, what do you do and where do you go in your spare time?

Well, that is the beauty of workaway, really it's more of an experience away, it's not like working 9-5.

There is something for everyone!

Firstly Marciac is known for its jazz festivals

We visited Lourdes, it is truly magnificent, this is a must-see, it is a bit of a drive, but well worth it!


So these are just some of the places you can visit

My partner Karl and I were completely blown away by our workaway experience in Marciac, we had to pinch ourselves, as it did not seem real, everything about the experience was amazing, we are so pleased that we went with an open mind.

It's good to try new things!

We ended up spending Christmas in Marciac with Jane and Marek, we stayed there for 3 weeks before going on to Cautirac to another workaway experience............

This will continue in Workaway part 3

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