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When this crises with Brexit is over - and believe it or not it will be at some stage. I know not when, but eventually - there will be another crises that will have some impact on the location where we choose to work.

That's the trouble with politics and ideology. They exist.

While there are factors in life that people can take opposing sides on and come to blows, real as well as metaphorical,  then there has to be a chance of similar disruption to our best laid workplans.

I have been spared long enough to witness conflicts of one sort or another, booms and busts, radical political leaders and out and out dull ones as well. Harmony is built and then someone or other comes along to spoil it.

Uncertainty wears people down and I don't like to see that. Worn down people don't make for a cohesive and happy society, which is what I do like.

Still, lets not despair. In face of this uncertainty we should do something to show that it is possible to help people find certainty.  Increasingly this means taking charge of our destiny as an individual. There are opportunities out there to create a life and income that won't be swept away because of the negative impact of ideology or the whim of an egomaniac!

I live in Ireland but grew up in London.  Both countries are now fraught with uncertainty due to the current crises arising out of Brexit. Yet, here I am operating an online business based on universal principles and engaging with people around the world who share my values and are protecting themselves and their loved ones from potential (likely) risk to jobs.

We all deserve to minimise the stress in our lives and create certainty. I made a valuable connection to a community that has enabled me and my loved ones to do just that. 

I want to share this opportunity with people to enjoy the benefits of taking ownership of creating the best possible lifestyle regardless of where we live. 

Its good for us all.

My name is Vincent Wood and my online business is Allure Naturally

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