Taking The Plunge

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Hi its me again, and this subject of alignment has been playing on my mind and emotions lately. I have been having very mixed emotions about myself, where I'm at, am I heading in the right or wrong direction in life.

I would be used to the phrase balance rather than alighnment, but they both mean much of the same. So how do I get into alignment and what does it entail and what has it to do with where I am at in life.

I am a recovering alcoholic for 14 years now and prior to that my life was in total chaos, so anything better than that must have been alignment, to me.

Was it alignment or balance though, not realy as I still had the same head on my shoulders, the same crazy thoughts and behaviours. It took time and a lot of self development to start to change myself. However it wasnt easy at times and I did make many many mistakes along the way, and still am, Everyday.

I accept that all know, but along my journey I did find that I did need help from other like minded people. This help was invaluable to me and the whole sense of community and looking out for each other is priceless. I could not have made the changes in my life without the support of others, who enabled me to change from the inside out and look at myself in a different light. 

Where I am getting to and it does come accross as long winded, sorry for that. Part of my growth in life, which is on going as we are growth seeking beings, I wanted to spread my wings and make career/ life changes. By default I came accross SFM.

I am the biggest sceptic and doubting Thomas that I know, and 99% of the time I skip ads. This time I stepped out of my comfort zone and watched the ad. The rest is history.

Again to cut a long story short, what sold me on the whole SFM programme was the "Community" of support that is available to all members. I found the ethos to help one another as totally unique in a business setting. I have ever only seen this trait in self help recovery groups. So in my journey in SFM, no matter how out of alignment or balance I might become, it is so reasuring to know that the help and support is there, and all I need to do is ask for the help.

If you want to discover this level of support and even camaraderie for yourself then do yourself a favour and click the link below to see for yourself.

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