I Couldn’t be a prouder Dad

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 “I Couldn’t be a prouder Dad”

“I Couldn’t be a prouder Dad”

Are you a parent?

I had the absolute pleasure and privilege the other day, by attending my two Sons’ Christmas pageants at school.

Watching my two wee boys perform in their plays, filled me with so much pride and love for them I could have burst.

Now they are only 5 and 8 years old and are still our babies, and every day I put them on the school bus, I must admit I do worry for them and hope and pray that they will get on alright in school that day.


I hated school, from start to finish, I never felt like I fitted in, was never in school plays, was never picked for school sports teams, was always in the "dunce" class and to put a cherry on top, I was bullied terribly.

My eldest son is a lot like me and he had a very traumatic experience with a teacher when he was in Senior Infants, which has affected him to this day. I know he struggles and if it wasn’t for the sheer determination of his Mum, my wife, he would be struggling even more.

She has liaised with his teachers, helped him with his homework and been a rock, even though at times it has been very trying for her.

Now I would not be as involved as my wife with the boys' school, as she attends the parent-teacher meetings and corresponds with the school. I hear the reports, but it is hard at times to comprehend just what is going on or not.

I know my sons’ are getting on well from what I hear but until the school pageant, I never really saw how much they had come on until I saw it with my own eyes. Watching my sons act, say their lines and even play the tin whistle, totally overwhelmed me. They are growing up, they are far more independent then I thought, they are little men, not babies anymore.

I felt so proud, they might as well have been up accepting an Oscar.

Life's Precious Moments.

Those are life’s precious moments, and I am so glad that I was able to manage my time from work to attend them. I looked around the room and saw many single parents, either mothers or fathers and thought, I am fortunate today that both of us, my wife and me, were able to attend. Our two sons were also over the moon that we were both there, it meant a lot to them.

I spent time in my teens in a secondary boarding school and there was nothing more painful when there was an open day than to see other parents there for there kids and I had no one. It was a very lonely feeling and I'd, to the best of my ability, never ever want my own children to experience that.

I remember as a child, in primary school, the only things I ever was involved in was swimming galas, but my mum was a P.E. teacher at my school so she would have been there, but I never remember my Dad attending. Not that I am blaming, as he was working too.

Although I have missed my Sons' sports days so far, I have made a commitment to attend their Christmas Plays and I will continue to do so.

It's all about Love.

Life is amazing as it’s the very simple things that bring the greatest pleasure, a child’s laugh, a beautiful sky, a strangers’ smile and guess what they are free, but sadly most of us take those things for granted.

I was always too busy to notice these things, always looking out for the ugliness in this world and what I could get out of it or living in fear over what it might take away.

Are you involved in your Kid’s activities, or do you find that you have to work and end up missing them?

Like me have you stood there looking out into the audience and not seeing your own loved ones there to support you. Life is too short and our Kids grow up so fast that you cannot afford to let the rat race deny you of any of their growth at all.

My niece and nephew, who are now adults, are both high achievers in their own chosen sports of Polo Crosse & Swimming. My niece is World Ladies Champion and my nephew is an Olympic Swimmer. I admire my sisters as they attended all their events, especially in the early days, when they needed loving parental support. That can make a child.

What needs to be done

My challenge to every parent in 2019, including myself is to be more attentive to your kids, support them, be there for them, let them see you cheering from the sidelines or at the finish. It's not enough to say "I pay the bills" or "I'm too busy" as you just don't know what you will be missing out on, for yourself and your kids.

There is a way where you can earn a living and attend all your kids' events, want to know more?

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