The Right To Life or The Right To Choose Life- An Irish abortion issue.

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I have taken a break today from blogging about my "Recovery From Addiction Series" to cover another issue, which I am passionate about and which is very real at this time.

You might or might not be aware that on Friday 25th May 2018 there is to be a referendum on whether or not to repeal the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution, in other words to legalize abortion in Ireland. This has been a huge topic for debate in recent years, and the government has decided to put the choice in the peoples' hands. That is democracy at work but are people really that aware at just how big a decision they are being asked to make.

My fear is that people will be led in either direction, listening to politicians, activists & lobbyists about the pros & cons of making abortion legal in Ireland. 

Both the Pro Life & Pro Choice camps have very compelling arguments for & against

the legalization of abortion in Ireland.

Let’s look at some of the Pro Choice arguments:

1. Keeping abortion illegal is a denial of human rights.

2. Fatal fetal abnormalities, should be induced (aborted) to save on going suffering of the child and    mother, if the baby survives full term at all.

3. If the mother's life or even mental health is at risk then the baby should be aborted.

4. Legalizing abortion will put a stop to "Back Street" abortions.

5. Women would not have to travel alone to England, on many occasions to sub                      standard abortion clinics and be treated with no dignity.

6. Women who have been impregnated, due to rape or date rape should be entitled to abortions. 

7. Ireland's laws are antiquated compared to other European Countries.

I am sure you have other Pro's yourself that you can think of.

Look at some of the Pro life arguments:

1.  Life begins at conception not at 12 weeks or birth.

2.  Abortion is murder.

3.  Complete legalization of abortion in Ireland will be open to abuse.

4.  Abortion is big business in countries it is legal, what would stop that from                           happening in Ireland.

5.  It is immoral.

6.  Abortion is very traumatic and many Women who have abortions suffer from                       extreme guilt, shame and other emotional disorders & do abuse alcohol, drugs, self harm and       even suicide.

7. Adoption would be a much better option,

I am sure you have other Pro's yourself that you can think of.

I can understand where these arguments are coming from and yes people do have human rights,  yes pregnancy can cause life threatening complications and prevent life saving procedures & there is the argument of mercy terminations if there are severe abnormalities. I do sympathize with the arguments where the life of mother & baby are at risk and in certain situations where there is absolutely no other possible solution but termination, then as sad as it may be, it has to be done.

Some of the abuse stories of women who felt they had no choice but to travel to England to have terminations due to rape are equally as heart wrenching and everyone is a victim here. The argument goes, if they could stay at home and have their abortion here, would they not be treated with more respect. Maybe, maybe not.

The Ireland of not too long ago, would have put women into mother and baby homes and we all know what abuses went on in those. Out of sight, out of mind mentality. People are more liberal these days but the shame of unwanted pregnancies & stigma hasn't gone away. There is still a lot of naming and shaming going on in Ireland and lot of women who go to England do so in secrecy because of just that. What makes you think they would want to stay even if it was legalized here.

No matter what the outcome, it’s not about laws, legalization or not but it is about life, for both mother & baby. Are we not civilized enough to look for an alternative that suits all?

There are a lot of families and even single people in Ireland who have to travel abroad to adopt babies. If adoption was made more accessible in Ireland, then maybe abortion levels would drop. Just a suggestion, but it would make sense.

It is a very tough and heart wrenching issue as a lot of ethical and human issues arise here with the whole issue of abortion and what way to vote.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I'm sure can back their arguments with evidence and facts, but this is more than just about evidence, facts, laws & constitutional amendments, this is very much an emotional issue. We are talking about human life here. A very vulnerable, defenseless, precious little human life and even the life of the very vulnerable precious pregnant woman.

I want you to ask yourself this question at an emotional level:

1. What crime has an unborn baby committed? If you where to kill a baby after it was born you       would be branded a monster & surely thrown in jail for life.

2.  But what is the difference? Life is creation and do you think it begins at conception, at 12 weeks     or at 9 and a half months

There is no simple solution here, but before you get caught up in all the politics, arguments and hype with the run up to this referendum. STOP take a breath and think about the ramifications to everyone.